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Another file which has been in the inbox for ages, and nobody has bothered to post. Which is suprising really, because this really is a grea...


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Another file which has been in the inbox for ages, and nobody has bothered to post. Which is suprising really, because this really is a great map.

- jack051093

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Thank you for playing my map!

Please paste the four other "Nordic Fortress (4)" files, 
wich does not include the optional readme file you are just reading momentarily, 
in the following path:"program files/thq/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/mp/"
Do not create a own folder. All files have to be directly under the mentioned path; or certain
features like the icon image are very likely not to work out.
You should have the maingame and the two first addons installed as well.

I also suggest that you always watch out if your map is the same version as your party member's.
I did my very best to ensure that the version I released was absolutly bug free.
But still there is a chance that I could publish an update.
The version number is mentioned at the end of the map description.


Im pleased about any positive or negative, but constructive feedback I can gather.
You are welcome to submit your experiences in the public area of my current clans website:

or at 

This map was desinged as the ultimative expirence of all gameplay aspects DoW has to offer.
It was primarily meant to be a 2vs2 map.

You should consider the aspects of light, good and negative cover wisely.

Calculate well which one should take the relic and wich one the slag deposit... or mybe 
one should take both?
Keep the strategic point in mind, and watch out for troops with jump or teleport
ability. Your base might be compromised by one unit wich calls troops from orbit to
intrude your base.
And watch out for tiny eldar bases in the mountains.
Endless ways to victory are open on this map.


Bitte alle vier Dateien und optional auch diese readme Datei unter diesem Pfad ablegen:
Programme/THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/mp/

Keinen extra Ordner anlegen, da dies zu Komplikationen z.B. mit dem Ladebild führt.

Vielen Dank, dass du dich entschieden hast diese Karte zu spielen.

Für alle konstruktiven Anregungen bin ich sehr dankbar.
Loswerden könnt ihr sie zurzeit im öffentlichen Bereich meines Clans:

oder auf

In dieser Karte steckt unheimlich viel Herzblut um das best mögliche 
Spielerlebnis bieten zu können also haut rein! ^^

Rex Lex Legatar

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