Nuked City

Firstly my first upload as a sub-admin...Woooo:) Back to business, another great map from Flip. Recommend a download of this map and some of...


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Firstly my first upload as a sub-admin...Woooo:) Back to business, another great map from Flip. Recommend a download of this map and some of Flip's other maps.

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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---Nuked City----by flip hazard
Skirmish/Multiplayer Map for 'Dawn of War - Dark Crusade'
for 4 players.

(1) Installation:

Unzip all files into your ../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade folder. Don't worry about overwriting if you get prompted, i haven't changed any files.

If your zip program doesn't support 'using path' or if you ain't sure unzip all files into a temporary folder then drag them into the appropriate game folders like this:
the larger 4p_Nuked_City.tga into:
 ../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP
the smaller 4p_Nuked_City.tga into:
  ../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP/Loading
the two *.whm files into:
  ../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Art/ebps/environment/skies
all other *.tga and the *.sgb into:
 ../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP
(you might need to create some of those folders if you do it this way)

(2) Description and a few notes about tactics

This map resembles a city district that was pretty much totally destroyed. There are hardly any walls intact, most buildings are blown to bits with nothing but foundation walls left, there are collapsed basement vaults, craters and rubble everywhere.

The map was designed for the Table-Top-Roundup MOD but it can also be played with the basic game or other mods. Still i recommend at least trying it with TTRU.

An important aspect regarding tactics on this map is that only infantry and light vehicles are able to manouver through most of the ruins while larger vehicles are limited to the streets. The Strategic Objectives can only be reached by infantry.

Recommended win conditions are 'Take and Hold' and/or 'Control Area'. 

As for teams, 2 vs 2 and FFA has been tested and although FFA adds a bit more randomness both setups were huge fun. I also recommend random starting positions as each setup really offers it's unique fun and new tactical aspects to be considered

I tried to shift the tactical focus away from base consolidating and base raiding, but of course attacking bases remains an option, if only to distract the enemy so he can't secure an objective in time. But generally players should not have to bother much about building bases and resource management on this map.

The map has 4 very easy to consolidate bases with enough strategic points, a relic and a slag deposit as well as a fair amount of ready made missile turrets. 
There are 4 more Strategic Points, each in the middle between two of the bases.
The 2 Strategic Objectives are near the center of the map.


(3) Disclaimer & Credits

Copyrights for all texture/models/fx belong to Relic Entertainment, i guess. 

If you want to use this map in a mappack or upload or publish it elsewhere than on DoW-Files let me know:
flip_hazard AT gmx DOT net   

Special thanks to the tester: cos, doc snider, jinzen, kirt, drazor
And to Zany Reaper from TTRU, for making an already awesome game into something absolutely tremendous.

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