The developer has transformed the Kasrkin into the "Orbital Drop Shock Troopers" which most Halo players will apparently know. This also comes with a wallpaper and some Halo music. I'm no fan of the Halo series, but even I admit this looks pretty cool. Enjoy!




first thing i haft to say is that kasrkin are cool and fun to skin. ok ok you probly wunt to know 

wuts in this pack and why i COMAND YOU to downlode it <--(jk)

ok if your a fan of halo you should know these guys. there the elite ODST (orbital drop shock troopers)

ever since i played halo ive always like these guys and so today i spent 5 hours bring them to dow. 

i dont expect you to like this feel free to coment how badly i did later. i have learnd wut ruind my marine (i tryed to make him uniqe and to dif from halo's)

so i went in this time and created a ODST using only one pic. sadly knee pads i could not get right and the camo on legs but the helmit is almost spot on.

if you look hard enof you can see the out line in the helm of the old kasrkin's visor but at a distence you can hardly tell.

well i hope you like this i worked hard and long. 


ODST Skin (for kasrkan)

ODST wallpaper

ODST pic (no idea wut its for but its a small pic of a ODST i think its for icons)

Halo 3 song 


Put skin in C:\Program Files\THQ\DarkCrusade\DXP2\Data\Art\EBPs\races\imperial_guard\texture_share

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