Ork Assualt

Huh. These Orks sure ain't fuggin' around any more. Going from spot raids and blind charges to a coordinated assault? I don't know whether t...


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Huh. These Orks sure ain't fuggin' around any more. Going from spot raids and blind charges to a coordinated assault? I don't know whether they're getting more ballsy or more tactical.

Oh. Right, the map.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll.... It's a deathmatch with some serious siege warfare going down. The Orks and Imperial Guard (or whatever races you choose to play as in their place) each start in well-defended fortresses. You know what that means? Oh yeah, you know what that means. Artillery. Killing alleys. Slaughter. Painful defeats and a hell of a lot of requisition stockpiling. One cannot help but be reminded of the old days of Age of Empires, back when we didn't have this "push"/"rush" junk holding the pride of place as the extent of the general populace's knowledge of battlefield tactics. Almost makes one nostalgic for chariots and horse archers, but Wartraks and Vespids will have to do.

Units will die. Resources will get expended. But if you play your cards right, you just might walk away without getting your butt handed to you. And that, is quite the accomplishment when you're taking on an entrenched enemy with adequate siege defenses.

Aesthetically, the map strikes me as a little plain. Okay, it's got plenty of decals, plenty of terrain variation, it just feels lacking. Yeah, so you'll be too busy fighting to notice, but eye candy is always good to have as icing on the cake, even when gameplay more than makes up for it. Maybe work on the eye candy a little for future maps, and try some more features as opposed to open terrain. Throw in a little CQB for variety, etc.

Nice to see that older modders are coming out of hibernation, by the way. :p

Okay, well, if you like what you see, give it a download.

~ Kouen

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Ork Assualt (2 players)

by thegreatuncleanone

to install:
1.put the zip folder in your dow directory. c:/program files/thq/dawn of war - dark crusade/
2.unzip into c:/program files/thq/dawn of war - dark crusade/w40k/data/scenarios/mp/
if you dont have that file you will have to create them.

this is my third map so please dont send me any e-mails saing how rubbish it.
since my second map i havnt done a map in 2-3 years =]


You can distribute and edit this map in whatever way you want but please don't:
a) Sell it
b) Claim it's your own work



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