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Fans whom loved the Ork Swarm mod rejoice! Another version of this mod is released, but sadly it will probably be the last version too :( ....


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Fans whom loved the Ork Swarm mod rejoice! Another version of this mod is released, but sadly it will probably be the last version too :( . One of the many changes in this version is Orks are given two vehicles to make them much stronger than before, but worry not the author says they are still a "swarm race" just to keep the fans happy. If you would like to view all changes, you can read the readme file to review all changes.

What are you waiting for? Go download it you git! :P


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Download 'dc_ork_swarm_version_2.2.zip' (5.32MB)

Ork_Swarm Mod!!


Author: Robbie ([email protected])

Compatability: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade ONLY!!!

Open the file with a Zip program ( http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm ) and then extract all contents to your main Dark Crusade Directory.. should be something like..

		"C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade"

Then start the game and go to the "Game Manager" option and choose the Ork Swarm mod and activate it and there ya go!!


	This is the latest and most probably final release of the Ork Swarm mod! This mod is all about fun! In this version you will notice that every race has an ability to counter any other race and players of the old version of the ork swarm mod will notice that the orks have been re-given two vehicles to make them a worthier opponent (They are still a swarm race don't worry :D) Anyways just read the changelist and most importantly have fun!! And if you use the right tactics you'd be suprised how balanced this mod is.. the same tactics from vanilla DC will not work here!!



Change List:

Ork Swarm v2.2


- AI SKIRMISH MOD INTERGRATED INTO THIS MOD!! THANKS TO THE ENTIRE AI SKIRMISH MOD TEAM!! (http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/Dawn_of_Skirmish_AI;73095)
- COMMANDER WARGEAR MOD INTERGRATED INTO THIS MOD!! THANKS TO 'THECLONE' FOR THIS!! (http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/Commander_Wargear_Mod;72542)
- As you will notice all races (except the orks :P) now have a (or more) special ability that has been upgraded or improved in order to help fight against the metal waves of necrons.. and its also really fun lol..


-All Tau ranged weaponary has had a damage increase (150% of the original) to help bring them on par with the other races "uberness" :P.
-Skyray missile barrage can now fire across the map (costs 100 power) and does slightly more damage (best used against structures)
-Etheral Airstrike does massive damage and has a large range.. very effective against vehicles and/or infantry massed together


-Whirlwind accuracy improved and damage improved. ROF is still the swarming effect :D
-Scout marine reinforcements are now cheaper
-SM squad now starts with 2 units and has a max of 3
-Heavy bolter range dramatically decreased (SM's are a little overpowered with these :P)
-SM basic bolter damage increased slightly to compensate for smaller squad size
-SM tactical squads plasma rifle does more damage but has a shorter range
-Orbital bombardment can be targeted anywhere on the map and does a higher amount of damage, can be fired once per 60secs and  has a cost of 200 req and 150 power to balance it out


-Fully upgraded listening spire ROF decreased but now the weapon has a small area effect and does more damage (to fix animation bug)
-Wraiths come in lots of 3 but can't be reinforced once one of them dies
-Scarabs now die with a single hit but are now extremly devastating to anything they can get too!! 3rd Matrix anyone? lol.. but just be prepared to either press R alot or use the auto-reinforce feature :P.. effective against smaller squads of infantry or any tank or building.


-Warboss is now much tougher and regens faster
-Orkz can now build the killa kan, very powerful yet costs an arm and a leg (1000 req and 800 power)
-KillaKans range weaponary improved (KillaKans rockitsare now a major threat)
-Ork Warboss does large amounts of melee damage
-Looted tank restored (Tank now only has 1500 HP to balance this out) and also comes in groups of 4! (obviously you can't reinforce the tank squad either because well thats just stupid lol and I don't know how :P). 


-Horrors (the pink things :P) have had their health dramatically reduced to prevent the AI from killing you in seconds by spawning hundreds of them in your base..
-Daemon prince replaced with the bloodthirster i.e u can now have 2 bloodthirsters.. this was the only way I could fix the Pink box bug soz..
-Chaos Corruption ability range increased and damage dramatically increased (costs 350 power) BUT BEWARE THE TAINT EFFECT WILL  LAST FOREVER AND STILL DO FRIENDLY FIRE SO BEWARE!! (Taint can be removed by finding and assasinating the sorceror so protect him at all costs)
-Doombolt has large range and recharges much faster (30 seconds) also does alot more damage


-Hellhound damage increased by 2x and ranged increased to 150%
-Guard HWT's MG weapon range and damage reduced
-HWT's Auto Cannon ROF halfed but damage is extremly high to infantry (also has small area of effect)
-HWT's Lascannon remains the same however
-Basilisk special attack now shoots across the map and can kill virtually anything in one hit.. cost 800 power and req per shot however
-Strip soul ability now faster and does massive damage to individual targets (nearly 10x the amount of damage, good against heroes or necrons)
-Strafing run can be targeted anywhere on the map and recharges much faster (40 seconds)


-Eldritch Storm can be activated anywhere on the map (cost 50 power) and regens rapidly

Ork Swarm V2.0




Orks = Virtually no range, virtually no damage, virtually unbelievable numbers!!
Space Marines = More range, damage, squad members.. good all rounder..
Chaos = Lots more health and units per squad and faster resource hording
Eldar = Short range with massive damage, effective at cloaking/ambushing passing orks
Imperial Guard = Strong defencive play and extreme range artillery. Weak attack options.
Necron = Almost impossible to stop, huge amounts of health and regeneration. But their weakness lies in their extremly vunerable power generators.
Tau = Massive range for Tau warriors and larger squad sizes for kroot/vespid squads but weak defencive options (in comparison to other races)

Change List


-All Tau weapons range doubled
-All kroot/vespid squads have doubled in size and have half the reinforce cost (slightly faster reinforce time aswell)
-Listening post has a large sight range
-No buildings regenerate
-Stealth teams squad size doubled


-All necron infantry health and regeneration dramatically increased (vehicles stay the same; exlcuding monolith)
-Fully upgraded necron listening post rapidly shoots gauss strikes at anything that aproaches. Very deadly.
-Restored monolith has 50000 health and 3x the regeneration rate
-Tomb Spyder regenerates and scarabs are free to build but die easier
-Necron Turrets are extremly resiliant and rapidly regenerate
-Power generators are extremly fragile and now cost 40 power to build (this means if you don't take care of your generators you don't stand a chance)
-Normal Power generators produce power at half the rate (balancing)
-Thermo power plants produce power at 8x the normal rate
-Necron basic warriors are free to reinforce
-All Necrons infantry have 10,000 morale.


-Mars Pattern reveals map
-Listening post and turrets regenerate
-Basilisk does massive damage and can shoot across the map.. the downside is that it is extremly vunerable and expensive (but worth it :P)
-Deployed heavy weapons teams' bolter is extremly effective against the ork swarm and does massive long range damage
-Bolter turret range increased.. and rate of fire multiplied by 4x
-Guardsmen build speed halfed and are free to build and reinforce
-Guardsmen initial squad max size is now 14 instead of 9
-Hellhound flamer range and damage increased (only good against infantry now however), health decreased.. Hellhound is excellent long range infantry defence but dont let any thing get to close to it or it'll die lol.
-Mine Field range doubled and has unlimited mines (slow ROF and normal damage)


-HQ has 8000 health and 4x regeneration speed
-All ork units replaced by Slugga (including Ork vehicles)
-Warboss remains unreplaced by slugga's
-Ork Squads cost 30 requisition
-Ork Squads cost no population or Waagh!!
-Ork Squads build in 30 seconds (Once the squad is built it can reinforce rapidly however) to reduce the chance of being overwhelmed at the begining of the game
-Ork Squads contain 6 initial members rather than 4 and has a maximum member count of 20
-Ork Slugga's health reduced to 150
-Ork choppa weapon is good at spliting armor apart (to counter the fact that the orks have no anti-vehicle weapon lol)


-All Bolters, Heavy Bolters etc have had their range doubled and damage increased. (A few exceptions)
-Space Marine Tactical Squads can now only have 6 members all upgradeable with bolters flamers etc..
-Assault Marines can now have 12 members and do 80-120 damage (Melee).
-Scout Marines can have 8 members all upgradeable with sniper rifles etc..
-Sniper Rifles range is dramatically increased and can kill any ork in 1 hit.
-Assault and normal terminators are practically walking gods. (more health more damage more regeneration and assault terminators have more members.)
-Listening Posts and Bolters shoot further and do more damage and also are able to self regenerate.
-Mine fields have unlimited mines, 5000 regenerating health and a larger attack range. The only detonate once per 3.5 seconds  though to compensate.
-Orbital Relay reveals map.
-Servitor now has 800 health
-Space Marine's now do 30-40 melee damage
-Dreadnoughts now have 8000 health and rapidly regenerate(Hellfire has half the health and half the health regeneration)
-Apothecary now has 2000 health
-Grey Knights have 2600 health and a reasonable regeneration rate
-Whirlwind reflects its name by launching hordes of missiles onto an area (excelent for suppressing ork hordes) range is now 140 to compensate.
-Landspeeder damage doubled and ROF increased slightly


- All ranged weapons damage multiplied by 6. Range remains the same 
- All ranged weapons rate of fire doubled
- Mine Field has slightly smaller range (and less health) than other counter parts but detonates twice per second apossed to once per 3-4 seconds
- All eldar buildings slowly regenerate
- Eldar HQ can has sight range of 120 apossed to 25
- Eldar HQ has larger build radius.
- Building an advanced warp generator reveals the entire map.
- Avatar has 20000 health and a fast health regeneration
- Wraithlord now has 2500 health and regenerates slowly
- Banshees now have 800 health and banshee leader has 1200.
- Warlocks now also have 800 health
- Seer Council members have 1600 health and regenerate fast OUT of combat


- HQ has 8000 health and regenerates. Also produces 120 requisition to compensate for larger chaos squad sizes.
- Turrets have 3000 health and are cheaper and faster to build
- Minefields are free have unlimited mines but do less damage than their Space Marine counterparts
- All Chaos infantry have more health and regenerate faster and squads contain double the maximum troop numbers
- All Chaos vehicles have more health and regenerate
- Chaos Bloodthirster has 25000 health. Regenerates rapidly in combat and does 1800-2400 melee damage (Seems like a lot but by himself he'll just slow the enemy down until he dies)
- Listening post has 4000 health and slowly regenerates
- Daemon Prince has 10000 health and regenerates rapidly in combat



THIS MOD WAS MADE, TESTED, AND PLAYED ON 2.0 GHZ AMD, 512 MB (333MHZ), AND A GEFORCE FX5200 WITH ALL SETTINGS ON HIGH. You will encounter lag on large battles.. obviously.. the orks have been tweaked to produce less lag than previous releases but if you verse an insane ork opponent naturally your frame rate will kind of die lol..

and secondly I'm sure that these days this won't be a problem but this mod takes up to 350mb!!! All compressed down to 5mb.. the wonders of Winrar lol.. anyways it will therefore take awhile to extract on an older machine! Took only about 1.5mins to compress on my puter so it shouldn't be that bad to decompress lol..

thirdly you may notice that the Ork AI is a little passive at the start but thats just because of changes from the AI mod team.. and its actually good to prevent you being utterly rushed lol..


You may distribute this mod at will however you may not release it as your own!! etc.. (im sure you all know the drill)
The seperate mods that are also contained in this mod all have their own legal rights and such so please go to their website or page and read them carefully.. I know no one does but at least I tried lol..


Space Marine = Build fast and get as many squads of marines ASAP also use squads of scouts as meatshields.. build turrets and mine fields near your HQ as soon as possible. Marines are very suseptable to being rushed so be careful. Use Whirlwinds with an escort to seal of chokepoints of shred enemy bases. Marines in this mod are the well rounded race..

Chaos = Chaos have a good mix of health and squad size improvements. Build up your forces and capture a relic and build both the Bloodthirster and Daemon Prince ASAP. This should be the chaos teams main goal.. raising your evil little demons lol.. also mass horror squad spawning in enemy bases works well!

Eldar = Eldar are all about short but powerfull attacks.. unlike the space marines who have good melee and ranged units the eldar rely pretty much only on short ranged weapons.. they're turrets and mines are extremly effective and they have the ability for the entire map to be revealed if an advanced warp generator is built.. Try to build warp spiders as fast as possible... they will literatly tear the enemy to shreds (Stand ground recommended)!!! Banshees are only good as a distraction for the enemy. Due to the relative weakness of your Farseer in comparison to other commanders always add them to a Seer Council squad. Eldars' strength comes with their vehicles which if you've read the change list you'll see now has 6x the damage output.. very lethal..

Ork = Swarm.. thats pretty much all there is to the orks lol.. In this release their axes are now capable of destroying armor to compensate for the fact that they only have slugga boyz.. Build as many HQ's and secondary bases to keep your army flowing.. Orks have long build times but once their built they reinforce rapidly so keep that in mind.. also use killa kans to draw fire from well defending enemies while your slugga's pour in.. looted tank squads are effective base defence and thats pretty much it.. they are hopeless on their own but they have a much needed fire support for your orks..

Tau = Upgrade your stealth teams in their armory (what ever its called lol) and place them all over strategic points on the map, extremly effective against orks as they have only got the Warboss to reveal camoflouged units. Use you firewarrior squads to lay down suppressive fire for you kroot squads from a distance. Use Skyray gunships to bombard enemy bases from a decent range whilst protecting them with Fire warriors.. Always keep in mind that the tau units can shoot alot further than they can see so make sure you make the most of the Tau's range.

Necron = Build as many Basic Warriors as fast as possible and defend your generators at all costs. If there are slag depots on the map it is highly recommended that you capture them as they can produce more power than 4 base worth of generators could. Work towards pumping out as many warriors as possible until you can fully upgrade the monolith and reap the benifits of the strongest unit in the game.. (if you can last that long :P) Also keep your lord ready for mass resurection ability after a major battle and ressurect every fallen comrade on the map.. extremly devastating ability.. also make good use of scarabs to swarm enemy vehicles and bases but make sure you have units taking fire instead of the scarabs or you'll notice that all 90 scarabs per squad will die pretty much instantly.. also Hellhounds are a good defence against scarabs..

Imperial Guardsmen = Use the now free and plentiful guardsmen to keep the enemy distracted while you work on building your defences. Use Heavy weapons teams with bolters to protect allies base's (upgrade to Autocannon ASAP) and hellhounds to take down masses of infantry or buildings. Your primary goal however should be to build basilisk artillery units which coupled with the Mars Pattern building will easily end in destruction of your enemies facilities. Remember this race is not designed for attacking directly! And is more so designed to defend against sieges!


#The AI Skirmish Team!!! For allowing me to use their mod which has drastically improved the Ork Swarm mods fun factor!!

Thudo (Thudmeizer)..>> Team Lead/Coder/Gfx/Bonafied Cheerleader
ArkhanTheBlack......>> Lead Coder/Scripter 
LarkinVB............>> Lead Coder/Scripter/Beta Tester
Corsix..............>> Coder
Zenoth..............>> Beta Tester
Malkor..............>> Beta Tester
Troubadour..........>> Beta Tester
ThetaOrion..........>> Beta Tester
FinalDeath..........>> Beta Tester
QuietDeath..........>> Beta Tester
JBird...............>> Beta Tester
Slash...............>> Beta Tester

#TheClone!!! For allowing me to use the Commander Wargear mod with my mod!
#HENRY CHUNG!!! He directed me to corsix's game manager fix and this mod wouldn't be out until Relics patch if it wasn't for him!!
#Corsix!!! He's program is what is used to make the mod and it also ended up saving it too!! keep up the great work mate!!
#Everyone who tested and gave feedback on the beta which enabled me to improve and add to the Ork Swarm mod..
#Everyone who votes for this mod out of 10 on DOWfiles.. it doesn't do anything but it makes me feel good :P..


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