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Well... This appears to be an edited project of the "Meaning of War" and looks fairly good from the images attached (at least some of them...


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Well... This appears to be an edited project of the "Meaning of War" and looks fairly good from the images attached (at least some of them). The submitter (Furreto) asked if two "additional" images could be submitted along with the actual screenshots... Don't ask, i don't know, but it is something different :p


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Download '' (4.24MB)

""Down the path of the Furreto"" Ultimate Meaning Of War Juiced the Furreto's Way
Modder : EL Furreto
Mod Version : 1.0

What you need to know;

	-There is still no "Official" Tool to mod DC but by Working Hard, you Get what you wish for.

Ultimate Meaning  Of War past history;
	Well Back than when i started modding, i make a few maps, but found the real fun in Modding. i created "True War" Mod which i can't really remember what whent wrong... and second to that and with many people asking my too, I made "True Meaning Of War"  Which.... i still can,t remember what but i know it was not 100 % right,  meanwhile, i got mix in so many project the i let modding to other and started 3D MAX ( which i'm a fairly Good User ) and finally today, the ""Ultimate Meaning Of War"" walking down the path "of the Furreto" !!!

What's changing in V1.0;

-No limit
But still have building limit

No module file can be run in DC up to now, or i simple don't know how to set it to work, so you have to put the file in the DXP2 folder which is the Root folder for DC, THAT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM PLAYING ONLINE !! <----------GOT THAT PART ???
But you can, by in a very simple way restore DXP2 to be able to play online.

	 Ok, in &quot;your Dawn of War Dark Crusade&quot; folder is a folder named DXP2
	 Exemple: C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\
	 Extract my mod there, you should have those folder.
	 If you have those folder then it should be Ok, be sure to use the exact folder path.
		 Take the &quot;Attrib&quot; Folder out of DXP2 and store it away, best out of Dark Crusade folder just to be sure. when you want to play the mod 
		 again, bring back the &quot;Attrib&quot; folder back in DXP2\Data\
Contact me,
I'm open to suggestion, mostly what you want the have, or what's you'll like to see change. I'll see what i can do for you.
Those who would want a Mod of DC to W40K or WA, get up your lazy B**t grab a job and buy it instead, don't even as me.

The One and Only..... The True GodFather, 

EL Furreto.

[email protected]  -same for MSN

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