Randomized Chaos Marines

Much alike the Randomized Ork Modification, this does the same, but for Chaos. Adding Marines with a different 'look' to them throughout t...


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Much alike the Randomized Ork Modification, this does the same, but for Chaos. Adding Marines with a different 'look' to them throughout the squad.

- Ash

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Download 'randomized_chaos_marines_p2.zip' (2.62MB)

Hi again! This is Fluff Mod Team! If you downloaded our previous pack then you should know what to do just follow the new instructions in this pack.
For those of you wh have not D/L our previous pack read all!
These are files which are ment for expanding your mod.
So do not put them in actual Dark Crusade, as it will mess up multiplayer.
I have been given permission to use these models, thanks to Medes and the C2C team.
I expect most of you have allready got these files ingame on your mod anyway, but oh well these are
for those of you who have not got your own mod.

This second pack is 'Randomized Chaos Marines' instruction on how to install are below.

Note: I say again do not install these to your normal W40K folder as this will cause multiplayer to crash or something.

Open up the folder called 'Randomized Chaos Marines' inside should be:
Randomized Chaos Marines is split into 3 folders, Open the first folder named "Chaos Textures" the contents go in:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War Dark Crusade\My_Mod\Data\art\EBPs\races\chaos\texture_share
The second Chaos Folder should be "Randomized Marines" contents goes in:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War Dark Crusade\My_Mod\Data\art\EBPS\races\chaos\troops
Last folder of them ALL!!!! Is called "Marine Bolters" open it, this folder only has one file put it in:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War Dark Crusade\My_Mod\Data\attrib\EBPs\races\chaos\troops

So there you have it.

Now to answer some questions that you may ask, are answered below, these were included in the 'Pack 1'.

Common questions!:

Q: Why not release as much as you can right away?
A: For more non-experienced modders, it will likely confuse some people with so much to add at once, and as we couldn't be bothered to make an installer...

Q: How do you make your own mod?
A: Well download DC mod tools 1.2 from dowfiles.com and if you have installed correctly then there should be a folder called My_MOd, if you
changed the name, then well put it in what you changed the name too.

Q: How do you put these in an existing mod?
A: Well say for instance you wanted Ranomized Orks in Annihilation mod 1.6, then instead of putting in:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of war Dark Crusade\My_mod\Data\art\EBPs\races\orks\troops
You would put in:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of war Dark Crusade\Annihilation\Data\art\EBPs\races\orks\troops
For Lights of the Warp it would be:
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn Of War Dark Crusade\LOTW\Data\art\EBPs\races\orks\troops
Hope they didn't mind me doing so...

Q: My whole game crashes when I try to play with these files intalled, what do I do?
A: Well it is likely that they were installed wrong, and that you should find out where the files you put are, and delete them.

Q:Some of the folders you mentioned are not there, what do I do?
A: If some folders that are needed to install the files to are not there, then you must make them yourself and call them the exact name giving to them above
in the installation inscurctions.

If you really need more help or, you have something else to ask then please contact Kais14 at dowfiles.com.

Hope you like it, more packs will come, will be named 'Fluff_Mod_P3' or something.

Models to come:

Next pack should include 'Randomized Space Marines' and Helmeted Librarian AND Codex looking Force Commander with new voice and UI.
For more information of what to come check out P1 of our releases and soon we will set up a site about our own models. :p

Credits: Thanks to:

C2C team and all there modelers. Most credit goes to them for their outstanding models! :)
Fluff Mod, for their "to come" models and textures. :p
And [email protected], for there skins and textures which we are likely to use aswell in future releases. Big thanks to them! (Me!) :)
Relic, for their beast of a game.

If you wish to use these of course then say credits to C2C team, as we did not create
Randomized Orks, we will tell you whether to include us in credits or not. Because some packs
will contain our models too. Please remember to ask permission.

So long! :)

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