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If you like realism, then this is the mod for you! Here is another version of the "Realism Mod" created by Hellocookie which makes more changes to Tau, Imperial Gaurd, Orks, Eldar except for Necrons, Space Marines, and the Chaos Space Marines. For those who still have no clue what this mod does; well its very simple, it changes damage ratio, changes all health points to a realistic manner for all units (eg a Gaurdsmen can die in 2 or 3 shots of lasgun fire).

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Developer: Hellocookie

Version 1.5 (I might continue to work on this more)

Date Finished 12/10/06

Date Started 12/8/06*

*Thought of the idea a long time ago

For: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade


This is the work I am most proud of ever! For the last couple of mouths I was thinking that it would be cool to make a mod that made DoW more "realistic". Now before you poo yourselfs, let me say that when I say realistic I don't mean "no lasguns" or "no aliens". When I say realistic I mean that when a soldier gets shot he dies. War is cruel and people die. The Warhammer 40k universe is no execption so I think it is unrealistic when a guardsmen can charge through 30 bolter shells and still be alive. With this mod I changed all of the units health and armour. Orks will die by the hundreds when rushing bolter turrets or plasma cannons. Platoons of guardsmen will die when hit by artillery. Tau firewarriors will drop dead after being shot by Adeptus Astartes. Eldar will perish when they attempt frontal assualts on anything. Do you get my point? I hope so. THIS ISN'T A CODEX MOD just to let you know. All this mod does is make it so Orks, Tau, Eldar, and Guarsmen die when shot once or twice. I AM NOT STUPID I KNOW THIS MAKES SPACE MARINES, CSM, AND NECRONS OWN!  They should after all; a squad of space marines or necrons is capable of killing squads of guardsmen, orks, firewarriors, or eldar. Now IG, orks, eldar, and tau can still kill sm, csm, or necrons but it takes greater effort and often the use of vehicals to outright destroy thier bases. This is a lot of text so I am going to put the changes down in order of race and universal changes.

Well I fixed a couple of things but mainly just very small ajustments. The biggest thing in this version is that the ork pop problem is now fixed! Now you can enjoy the orks once again without errors. Other than that I made some minor changes. The chaos cultists now have the "realisitic" health and to compensate for that they are faster to build, cost less, come up with more units, and a have more max units. The cultists also have had their leader removed. I just didn't think a csm would lead a squad of stupid cultists, so now he is gone!

Units are built way, way faster

Squad and Support caps have been increased

All health and armour research has been taken out

Damage on all units remains the same

All main commanders have normal health (couldn't change their health or armour)

Every t'au, ork, eldar, or ig unit has had its health drastically (I mean drastically!) reduced along with its armour

All altered units are cheaper

Squigs, avatare, krootoxe, kroothounds, & greater knarlock have not had their health or armour changed

All vehicals haven't been changed at all (cept maybe in cap)

All unit moral is the same as before

Some research has been renamed

Some other small changes I forgot to mention perhapps
All guard buildings have their health greatly increased

All guard turrets do much more damge and are way more accurate

Tunnel time between guard buildings is shorter

Guard mine feilds are much stronger

Ork pop is different in ways I can't explain

Well when you entrentch the heavy bolter teams they start at 65 health and regenerate up to 100 something. They are supposed to then convert to 100 something.

When you sumon firewarrior body guards with the etheral they don't have the shortened health or lower armour.

When you clone a unit with the etheral they clone with no health shortenings or armour shortengings. (not tested though)

I couldn't get the ork pop ajusted right so I had to take away the ork pop cost on ork units. The ork pop it-self is weird now, but who really plays orks that much? Well I hope most of you don't that is. Sorry to the fraction of people who do.
This mod is a lot better with Heros Roleplaying made by Cuttershane and the Dawn of Skirmish mod made by the Dawn of Skirmish Team.
Corsix who made the mod tools I used
Extract to your DC main folder and then activate through the mod manager.
Don't rip off this mod (because it is the property of Hellocookie) or include it in any of your own mods without asking me or I'll send my Order of Our Martyred Lady task force after your sorry ass!

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