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Here we have another map, like the previous one of its kind. It has rolling plains, and features very nice looking pictures. This map was ma...


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Here we have another map, like the previous one of its kind. It has rolling plains, and features very nice looking pictures. This map was made on a artistic point of view, as you can see from the rolling landscapes. Look onto the horizon and enjoy the view ;) away :D


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8P Rolling Dunes Map:

It's all about the dunes, man . . .

All different colors of sand, just like I found out at the different sand dunes and at the local sandstone formations, if you're the kind of person who can use your imagination in an abstract way and imagine it all to be sand and dunes.

Made for DARK CRUSADE with the Dark Crusade Mission Editor.  Dark Crusade only, as I used that DC skybox that I like to use for these types of 'scenery' maps.

Made for 4 vs 4 Annihilation play in Skirmish Mode, and tested with the Ulitimate Compstomp rebalance of the AI Skirmish Mod.  The gameplay has proven to be challenging for me, losing as often as I win.  Although I eventually worked out a few tricks that seem to get me a win almost every time now -- that was part of the fun of it.

This map is really all about watching the replays and Alt-tilting to spin around the horizon and take screenshots of the dunes and the sky.  The sand isn't much to look at in the default top-down isometric view.  Lots of different colored sand, but it's just my best rendition of sand that I could come up with just the stock textures.  And a lot of the sand decals don't really look like sand up close in DoW, or they are all the wrong color.  On this map, the way I did it, it only looks great if you tilt the view and take in the horizon and the dunes and the shadows, and then it works for me from almost anywhere on the map.  All that it really requires is that you can be the type of person who can imagine it all to be sand or sandstone, and then it works.  Of course, if I had done everything on this map the conventional way or by the book, then you would have ended up with a lot of the same stuff that's already out there.  I wanted to go for a different look or a different effect, but it does require a bit of imagination here and there, just like any piece of art.

So, to emphasize, this map is really bland and boring and mundane in the default top-down isometric view that most people play in, and it only comes alive when you switch to the horizon or a horizontal first person view.  I did that on purpose, because I really didn't want anything in the bases or in the flats to take the eye away from the dunes.  You start putting decals there in the flats in the bases on this map, and then the eye no longer goes to the dunes and the sky along the horizon but to the central flats instead, and I wanted the eye on the horizon and on the sky for this one.  For this map, I really wanted you to be looking up from the game once in awhile.  This map was made for replays and screenshots top-most in mind.

This one also is not a perfectly balanced map.  The slight imbalances or the skewing flow of the the dunes can work against you just as easily as they can work for you.  In fact, part of the fun on this map is trying to get the cards to fall right for you once in awhile and trying to figure out ways to beat the system.

If you can roll with the oddities or some of the unique unconventional things I tried to do on this map, I think some of you just might like it.


Copyright Year 2007


Not to be sold for money or included in anything without prior written permission from the creator and owner.

Please don't use as the core or the source of your own map.  That's what the copyright is for.  But, feel free to distribute it 'as is' for gameplaying purposes, just as long as you include all the files including this readme in the same zip file or zip folder for distribution.  I made it to be played.


For Dark Crusade, unzip the files into:

C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\W40k\Data\scenarios\MP



I hope some of you find the horizon enjoyable or unique to look at on this map, and I hope some of the rest of you will find the gameplay interesting as well.  It is an 8 Player map and took a couple of months to put together despite how simplistic or open or sparse it is in some places.


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