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An absolutely awesome mod which revolutionises your DoW. Adds new units, addons, research, abilities, game mechanics, and tactics. This give...


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An absolutely awesome mod which revolutionises your DoW. Adds new units, addons, research, abilities, game mechanics, and tactics. This gives you more of what you want- a greater focus on tactics and gameplay, with shiny new units to play with. Download and I promise you'll enjoy-


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Dawn of War: Scourge of Chaos 

Special Thanks:
First and foremost, allow me to give many thanks to Compiler, Medes (along with the entire Closer-To-Codex team), Croaxleigh, Kjon, Thudmeizer (along the entire Dawn of Skirmish AI team), and Zany Reaper, without your excellent pre-existing works and permissions, this mod would have not been possible.

This mod is essentially a massive rework of the existing Dawn of War system further extended by a combination of new units, addons, research, abilities, game mechanics, and tactics. The intended goal is to make a somewhat fluffier game that involves larger battles, greater emphasis on tactics and strategy, and less emphasis on basing and teching. A basic list of the additions and changes made include the following items:
-	Nine new units in-game (with 3 more new units pending permission)
-	The inclusion of distinct honor guard units and retinue
-	New unified infantry/vehicle squad cap
-	New hybrid infiltration/ambush system
-	Various new and redone abilities, reseach options, and addons
-	Removal of unit limits for most units (with the exception of heroes)
-	Improved melee combat and charge system
-	Redone armour and damage system for all sides
-	Redone weapons and units for all sides
-	Heavily modified and standardized resource system for all sides
-	Somewhat simplified tech trees for all sides
-	Realistically scaled units and flashier weapons
-	A few new synckills and reverted synckills for certain units (librarian, sorceror, force commander, chaos lord)
-	Bloodier melee battles! Certain units will only use their bloodiest melee synckills (i.e. Ogryns, Priests, Grey Knights, Flayed Ones etc)!

Installation Instructions:
Simply extract everything from this folder to you Dark Crusade directory. This mod was made on Dark Crusade version 1.2 but will probably work with version 1.11 as well.

Guide to Changes and Additions:
To keep from writing 10 pages worth of stuff, I shall provide brief summaries of general aspects that have been changed:

Ranged Combat:
Expect ranged combat to be somewhat quicker and more specialized than in DOW (although this depends largely on the disposition of forces). By specialized I mean that certain weapons can mow down certain units within a matter of seconds but barely put a dent into other units. The positioning and disposition of forces is crucial, a tank that wastes its valuable shots demolishing a few infantry can be wasted in seconds by a volley of krak missiles or 1-2 shots from another tank/anti-vehicle unit. A battalion of three hundred guardsmen concentrating all their lasgun on an approaching Chaos Dreadnoughts is simply wasting ammo and can quickly be overrun by the aforementioned dreadnoughts and any forces using the heavily armoured machines as cover.

Melee Combat:
Melee combat has also become more specialized, all units will charge into melee at a distance of 15 feet and to this effect will receive a 150% bonus to their speed (making dancing harder and melee more viable at close distance). While in melee, units will now only receive 50% of the ranged damage they would normally receive meaning that they are far harder to kill once in melee. The damage of melee units have also been increased and melee attacks (some units will sync-kill in 1 shot) will generally cause substantially greater morale damage than ranged attacks.

The infiltration scheme has been restored to the original DOW setting with a few new tactical twists. First all infiltrated units will receive a 50% bonus to damage during the initial firing, second all units can detect infiltrated units at a certain range (this is usually between 5-10 feet), third, the range of detectors have been decreased, and finally, infiltration has been added to a few all-melee units to present an interesting twist in tactics.

Unified Squad Cap:
The infantry vehicle caps have been merged into a single entity and unit limits have been removed. The cap starts at 20 and automatically increases as you go up in tiers (up to a maximum of 52). This means that if you want, you can deploy an armoured column (around 6 lemun russes and 1 Baneblade) or an army of elite terminators (around 50 terminators + commanders), or an entire regiment of guardsmen (300+ guardsmen + officers). The amount of squad-cap individual units use has also been adjusted to fit this new scale.

Tech Tree:
To de-emphasize teching and basing, all tech trees have been simplified and almost all researches have been removed. All sides will have 4 addons/research/structures that when built, will automatically move them to the next tier. Squad and honor caps (see below) will automatically increase as the tier level increases.

Logistics are of increased importance, more powerful and durable units such as tanks will move slower than most infantry and might take considerable amounts of time to get to the battle. Furthermore, all sides (at some point in the game) have access to deep-strike capabilities as well as teleportation units making battles far more dynamic and complex (the deep strike and teleportation rules have been adjusted accordingly).

Honor Guard:
All sides will be able to choose between 4-5 honor guard retinues through one of their initial structures (armoury, webway gate, research building, tactica, pile of guns, etc). Honor guards are far more powerful variants of regular units and can change the tide of battle if used properly. They are also extraordinarily expensive and should not be lost. Different honor units have different cap requirements (Regimental Bodyguard cost 3 honors cap; First Company Terminators cost 10 honors cap) but generally only 1-2 honor squads can be deployed throughout the entirety of the game.

Single Player Campaign:
This mod is fully compatible with the Dark Crusade single player campaign due to various changes and enhancements to SCAR and AI. Expect the AI to be far more aggressive (especially on the harder difficulties) and stronghold and mission battles to be epic. Honor guard units are now also a more integral part of the game so put them to good use!

Graphical Changes:
Almost all the units in the game have been re-scaled to be realistically proportioned. Tanks and Walkers look imposing next to infantry, Supers units tower over the battlefield, Marines who are suppose to be seven feet tall are actually taller than guardsmen. More powerful weapons also look flashier now with bigger explosions and more impressive effects.

New Units:
9 new units have been added into the game, they include the following:
- Chaos Havocs (courtesy of medes)
- Chaos Dreadnought (courtesy of Kjon)
- Eldar Storm Guardians (courtesy of medes)
- Guard Hydra Tank (courtesy of Zany Reaper and Havoc)
- Guard Inquisitor and Inquisitorial Retinue (courtesy of THQ)
- Ork Ard Boyz (courtesy of havoc)
- Ork Ard Nobs (courtesy of havoc)
- Space Marine Veterans (courtesy of medes)
- Space Marine Vindicator (courtesy of Compiler)

Furthermore 3 more units are pending permission for use and will be allowed in-game should they be permitted, they are:
-	Guard Sniper (Courtesy of Kjon)
-	Eldar Jetbike (Courtesy of Maestro Robertus)
-	Ork Gunwagon (Courtesy of Maestro Robertus)

Brief Overview of Race Changes
As I do not seek to make this readme too lengthy, I shall be brief about the various changes I made to the races. Every unit, squad, weapon, ability, and property has been changed (some severely, some less so). Play around and discover for yourself whats been done.
-	Space Marine and Chaos units have generally been made more powerful but fewer in number. Their defining characteristics are durability and firepower.
-	Guard and Ork units have generally become more numerous but less powerful although you can still field elite armies (that are unit-for-unit just as powerful as a space marine or chaos army) with these races (i.e. an army of nobs and mega-armoured nobs are easily the equal of space marines and terminators) if you so choose due to the new squad cap system. The guards defining characteristics are durability and numbers while the orks defining characteristics are numbers and firepower.
-	Eldar and Tau are generally slightly more numerous than space marines although again, this depends on the specific disposition of units fielded (most eldar armies will barely be more numerous in fact). Eldar and tau are generally defined by speed and firepower, they can engage and disengage from battles at will and cause devastating damage against an army in very short order. These races also contain more units that can infiltrate, jump, and teleport.
-	Necrons are generally as numerous as space marines, their defining characteristic is durability, most necron units now have a 50% chance of getting back up and get back up with full health. This makes even a single squad of necron warriors exceedingly difficult to kill without overwhelming firepower.

That’s all (phew)! Have fun everyone!

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