Second Front Map Pack



Another map pack from the Legacy of Mappers, of which I am in, so I wont comment on the pack.

- jack051093




(1) Extract the 'secondfront' folder.
(2) Copy the folder 'DXP2' into your Dawn of War - Dark Crusade directory.
(3) If you get a message about overwriting files, click 'yes'.
(4) Have fun!


Map 1 - Cyberspace by jack051093

This map is a 1v1 map that uses only custom decals and heightmap (along with gameplay objects).  The decals were made in a matter of minutes, making sure they were just right for the setting of map I wanted to create - cyberspace.

It is a 256x256 map, includes 2 critical locations, 2 easily defended relics, and a number of strategic points.

Map 2 - Defence of Mazian Desert by Refineus

This a fort set in the desert of Mazian. 
Trenches, Walls, Craters...everything is there 

Their is no really advantage or disadvantage being attackers or Defenders.

There is only advantage when strategy is applied.

3vs3 Battle by Refineus.

Map 3 - Trenchal Warefare by OneLeggedHorse

The second map I have created for the Legacy of Mappers Team.  Im am proud of it and I hope you all like it too.

I think I have made great use of decals and textures, and my fellow team members agree.

Map 4 - The Delphic Infestation by Bloodymess

Players: 4
Size: 512x512

As more and more miners went missing, the planetary govener eventually realised there was something wrong. As the local PDF regiments advanced into the deep, opressive mines, all they could hear was a mad laughter. 
Something was very, very wrong...

Map 5 - The Basilica of Eluesis Restox Version 2 by Eta999 a.k.a Ferox 

Size: 256x256 
Players: 4 

Ok, this map is very symmetrical. Basicaly it's this well preserved, forgotten and secluded temple place high up in the mountains of a 
distant, lifless planet. Not only that but it is the final resting place of a ruthless chaos warlord by the same name as the temple. 

Thanks to Nerdstrum for the use of his shiny temple_floor_2 decal and to Jack051093 for doing the loading pic, minimap and selection icon. 

Map 6 - Abandoned Temple by Jeddy00

A small but very balanced 2 player map, with a quite open battlefield.  I think that it is good for people who like huge, mad two player fights.

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