Serpent Druids Part 4

Here is a modification that will add a new playable race to Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. This race came from out of the Darkness and have no d...


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Here is a modification that will add a new playable race to Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. This race came from out of the Darkness and have no desire to interact with the living. These are the Serpent Druids, these seek to annihilate the forces of evil and any other those who possess the potential to join them.

There are several key points most of the visual graphics have been taken from existing races so there isn't anything really that new, well except for there being a new race and an interesting story to go with it. Unfortunately there is no AI for this race as they will just sit dormant or inactive if selected as an AI. The Serpent Druids have powerful weapons and tide changing abilities however they are weak armoured and slow moving which balances it out (see the readme for more)

This is File 4 of 6, you will need all of the six files for this to work correctly.

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Download 'serpentdruidsmod.part04.rar' (10MB)

Serpent Druids MOD


This mod adds a new playable race to Dawn of War Dark Crusade, an RTS game by Relic, published by THQ, based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k universe.

From out of the darkness they have emerged. A race of unknown supernatural entities, who reside in what they refer to as 'the next realm'.
For millennia they have excisted in their realm, with no desire to ever interact with the living. But now the forces of evil 
threaten their realm and seek to dominate and destroy it and they will not let this happen!
To ensure their survival, the Serpent Druids seek to annihilate the forces of evil and any of those who possess the potential to join them.
The apocalypse has begun and judgment day is at hand! The Serpent Druids have arrived and no one is safe!  

This mod is for Dawn of War - Dark Crusade ONLY


Unzip the RAR file into the Dark Crusade folder located in Mycomputer/localhardisk:/programfiles/thq/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade


Hi peeps, ive been working on this mod for months totally on my lonesome so please be kind (-; I really hope you enjoy playing as the 
Serpent Druids as much as i have making them. But please bare in mind that this is an alpha release and it is far from perfect. Many of 
my own abilities are out of reach at the moment as im a rubbish coder and all of the visual graphics have been taken from excisting races. 
So please try to use a little imagination when viewing the Serpent Druids visual appearance. Hopefully one day i will be able to present 
u with the light show that i desire but it wont be anytime soon. 


Currently there is no A.I for the Serpent Druids so the computer will stay idle if they are chosen for them, random or other. There is 
also no campaign or tutorial so please avoid them for the mean.


I appreciate that Dc will soon be replaced, which is why i would like to leave this mod for the time being. However, i have been working
on a 'secret project' to transform how RTS games are played but im going to need a really special coder. If a skilled coder out there is
intrested in learning more, even if its just curiosity, then please email me at [email protected]


* The Serpent Druids are all about devostating damage and tide changing abillities. While weak armoured and slow moving their weapons and
abillities will lay waste to most enemies.
* There are a large range of tactical units who each offer different methods of tactical play.
* As the main infantry core is melee, it is imperative that you make use of the ranged cover support available. 
* There are many upgrades available but they are useful in different ways and against different races. Try to decide which is best 
against who.  
* Some advanced weapons enable their users to GRAB pesky fleeing units to inflict maximum damage. This natural ability will prove invaluable
when battling against fast moving units.
* U will find a small number of units have the ability to morph into different tactical units to achieve different goals.
* Against heavy or long ranged races u must protect ur melee units until u strike. The Ghost Ship is perfect for this.
* The Serpent Druids dont use vehicles, all of their heavy support are angel units. They are usually weaker than vehicles but have more
special abilities.
* When u reach the final stages of play you will have to choose which relic unit u use. Once a choice has been made u cant change it to
another so be sure which one will benefit ur current situation. 
* The overpowered Serpent of the Apocalypse is not a life saver. If ur about to lose dont try to use it to win the fight as it requires
many structures to use its abilities. In a strong position this unit is the end game, but if u are weak it will cause u to lose!

Ok peeps, have fun and i hope u like my work.

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