Silent Scope

This is a single player SCAR map for Dark Crusade. Set in a fallen city (subtle eh?) controlled by a chaos lord, a group of space marines in...


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This is a single player SCAR map for Dark Crusade. Set in a fallen city (subtle eh?) controlled by a chaos lord, a group of space marines including the force commander has been shot down and are under attack! The imperium wants this chaos lord killed as quickly as possible and decide to send in an assassin whilst such juicy bait is in the open, however it is of key importance that the force commander survives!

Your mouse pointer generates line of sight, so your job is to sweep the map looking for the enemy commanders, at which point you can use your assassin to pop them. In the meantime, do keep an eye on those marines.... Numbered shortcut groups are a must here!

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--Silent Scope--
   By Fuggles

You are vindicare.

Your bullet goes where men cannot.

You vanquish foes that others could not.

You are vindicare.

You are needed.

It has been rumoured for a while that your target location has been tainted by Chaos. The local Governor Militant has been holding back on his tithes to the Emperor, first with reasons and then with outright defiance.

This cannot be tolerated.

Space Marines have been despatched to help out the still loyal splinter cells that lie within the PDF stationed there. They do not know.

Although the finest warriors of humanity, they do not have the strength to combat the dark heart of chaos. There were mutterings of a fully risen Daemon Prince , although I dare not repeat his name here, and lately this rumour has become manifest. Your task is to find and quell this abomination, assassin. 

The removal of this 'proud' figurehead to chaos should cause enough disruption in the chaos ranks for the marines to take command of the situation. Howver be aware that this blade cuts both ways - we are receiving reports of a downed Thunderhawk which was carrying the Commander of the Space Marines. If the marines were to lose their leader it would bring unacceptable disruption to the liberation of this world. 

This situation could play to our favour Vindicare, the arrogance of Chaos will most likely lead to the Prince arriving to spill blood in the name of his God. His pride will be your best chance at taking him down.

Do so.


In Silent Scope your cursor generates a small circle of line of sight, such as what would be seen through the sight of an exitus rifle.

The assassin in your charge will shoot whatever's in this sight naturally, or you can take control of him (hotkeyed to 1) and pick targets manually.

Your primary goal is to kill the Demon Prince, but your secondary goal in this is to protect the Force Commander, the live bait of the piece, found with the survivors of the Thunderhawk crash in the South West of the city.

Enemy forces will be drawn towards these interlopers, commanded by increasingly important leader figures. Killing the leaders will start to draw the attentions of the Demon Prince until he eventually shows up, at which point you can end him.


4 Psykers
3 Sargeants
2 Commissars
The Traitor General

The game conditions you must have for Silent Scope are Economic Victory on, Annihilation Off and Fixed positions. Oh, and try not pick the Necrons as P2 as they clutter up the place.

Have fun,


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