Snowy Stream

I'm VisbaTacoKing (VisbaTacoMaster) and I have made, with my friend Carolina10th (SCtenth), another map. It is a better map than eve...


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I'm VisbaTacoKing (VisbaTacoMaster) and I have made, with my friend Carolina10th (SCtenth), another map. It is a better map than ever before. It is... Snowy Stream. This is a snow river map with islands and cover and the whole 9 yards, just like its predecessor, Tears and Triumph. It is a 1v1, 256x256, 3 strategic points in each base, 2 in the river, 2 critical locations, and 1 relic in the middle, but the placement of the strategic points is different from T&T and the bases are closer too. There is also a land bridge between them for safe passage and a quick rush, and this has the relic, but to get the 2 contested strategic locations and 2 contested critical locations, you need to go into the river.

That's all the info you need really, it's a very nice map, with a lot of effort put into it. I reccomend a download for this map, as it will certainly support the pair of map-makers.


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Hello.  I am VisbaTacoKing (also known as VisbaTacoMaster) and I have made another river map, with the help of my partner in crime, SCtenth.

This is a 2 player map, 256x256, with 3 strategic points in each base, with 2 strategic points in the river and 2 critical locations in the river as well.  There is light cover scattered in clumps of trees in the bases, there are 2 craters with heavy cover on each side, and in the river is negative cover,
except on islands, which is no cover, and in the sandbags in the river, which are light cover.  The relic is on a land bridge in the middle.  All in all, this map isn't much different from Tears and Triumph, the strategic point placement was changed to be in the chokepoints on the edges of the bases,
the bases are closer together, and there is a land bridge with no heavy cover in the middle.

Thanks again to SCtenth, who added life to this map (that being a lot of trees and drybrush) and he also experimented with the strategic point placement to make it a bit more original.  The reason that there is so much plant life, even though this is a river map, is that things don't die in winter:
they simply go into a dormant state and stay alive.  There's no reason that there shouldn't be trees and dead bushes in a river in the winter.

All you do to install is unzip to C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War: Dark Crusade/DXP2/data/scenarios/MP.  You may need to create the scenarios and MP files.

Anybody can use this map as part of a pack or a mod, just ask me first I'll say yes.  You can email me at gamerj AT verizon DOT net (I wrote it this way cuz filefront told me to to avoid spam)

Thank you and I hope you like it!

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