Space Marines Campaign Mod

A quick mod I made.

- jack051093


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File Description
Changes the color scheme of space marine units during the campaign.  Schemes included:

- Ultramarines
- White Scars
- Raven Guard
- Imperial Fists
- Dark Angels
- Blood Angels
- Space Wolves

Please Note That:

- The colors will only change in-game, so the menus and commander screen etc will stil feature the standard colors.
- In their strongholds the enemy race will change to their standard colors. On all other territories they will have the changed colors.
- Some races have a scheme named Teamcolor = "default_8". This scheme is identical to one of the other default schemes.
- The Alpha Legion basic scheme doesn't seem to color the Daemon Prince correctly, instead it will wear the Word Bearers colors.
- Loading a saved game (stronghold/skirmish map) causes your units to use the color scheme they were saved with. Loading a worldmap savegame does give them the correct new colors.


To install:

1. Select the folder of the army you want to use.
2. Copy the contents of this folder to:
	THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2


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