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A badge and banner pack, showcasing several of the world's special forces. I tell you, the SAS badge looks awesome on the Imperial Guard....


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A badge and banner pack, showcasing several of the world's special forces. I tell you, the SAS badge looks awesome on the Imperial Guard. - Abbadon

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Download 'special_forces.zip' (539KB)

Extract the contents of "Badges" inside your badges directory (mine looks like this C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeBadges)	And then
Extract the contents of "Banners" inside your banners directory (mine looks like this (C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeBanners)

If you are a bigginner B&B downloader or don't have these folders, make them.
If you need advanced help feel free to PM me (Private Message)

These are just a simple set of Badges and banners of the worlds special forces from the present day. 	
 This B&B pack includes:
Australian/British S.A.S: 
They have the same motto and symbol for the last time!
Australian Commandos: 
An Elite Australian Company that through the suppression process isn't well known of.
U.S.M.C: United States Marine Corp: 
The well known fighting force of America, won't comment on them as the only knowledge of them i have developed is watching them die in CoD4 and watching them be *idiots* in Jarhead.

Creditation & other legal stuff:
I was the only creator/developer/designer in this B&B pack So all credits must go to me.All of the materials included in this badge and banner set is my original work and is not an intentiall recreation or redistribution of any similar content that may have been submitted and/or distributed prior to this one on the 27/10/2008. Do not recreate or resubmit with the intention to redistribute as your work and without my consent.	

Other Notes:
Yet another file created and submitted by Brute_Hawk

As usual, I allow consent to private tweaking and modification and as always, i have included copies of all B&Bs featured in .jpeg format as a back up files if you wish to tweak them slightly.  the reasoning for "SO" in front of everything is to keep the files together inside your badge and banners folder. Trust me, It's a good idea if you have around collected a variety of B&B. removing the "SO" at the start of each file will not make it unusable, But make them harder to find individually if you wish to remove or edit them and they will not appear grouped in the select badge/banner list.

Thanks for reading and i sincerely hope you enjoy my B&B, please leave a comment or rate. For if i don't get feedback in any way shape or form how can i improve?

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