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Ok this is something amazing for all you survival fans. Basic idea is you have to hold out against a good bit of enemy waves and then get to...


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Ok this is something amazing for all you survival fans. Basic idea is you have to hold out against a good bit of enemy waves and then get to strike back after it. From the looks of things a lot of hard work has gone into this so be nice to Argonaut. Anyway I highly recommend this for a download.


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Argonaut presents
Survival Maps v2.4

I am proud to present the latest map pack containing seven reworked and revamped 1v1 survival maps. Most of these maps were originally in earlier map packs, but the code is completely transformed and updated to include a wealth of great new features. 
Here’s the full changelog since the last map pack was released back in January!

- Scalable attack waves now include Dark Crusade units and abilities. The ferocity of the attacking waves is influenced by the tech level of the player. If a player is still in tier 1 they will face weaker waves of troops, while players who tech and build fast will face harsher waves earlier. In this way it makes it possible for the difficulty to be based upon the players ability rather than having arbitary attack patterns. However, the waves will still increase in difficulty so if you remain at tech level 1, you will eventually get overwhelmed.
- Standard and Quick Start settings altered. QS is no longer a 'noobs game' and presents a similar level of challenge as standard play, only with the differing gameplay style. 
- Enemy research tree improved so the AI will receive it's researches to ensure the AI advances in line with the player. It is no longer possible to out-tech the AI and ignore waves 1/2/3 to get to tier four damn fast. If you get to tier four without building troops, you're gonna get nailed!
- Bonus objectives added ++Assassinate enemy commander, ++Destroy enemy buildings++
- Attack waves tweaked to provide a better use of each races troops. e.g - SM now use drop pods at later levels, IG basilisks will use long range fire etc.
- Scalable reinforcements. Each race receives reinforcements by capturing critical locations, but the reinforcements received is also based upon the tech level the player is at. It's no longer possible to get 10+ baneblades by the end of the game, as the players do not receive uber-units five minutes into the game. The reinforcement troops for each race are as follows.

Imperial Guard

-Tier 1 *Inquisitor Toth (From Vanilla DOW Campaign)
-Tier 2 *Guardsmen Veterans (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 3 *Kasrkin Veterans (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 4 *Leman Russ (From Vanilla DOW Campaign)

-Tier 1 *Banshee Exarch Council (DC Honour Guard) 
-Tier 2 *Dark Reaper Exarch Council (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 3 *Fire Dragon Exarch Council (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 4 *Fire Prism

-Tier 1 *Devilfish Troop Carrier
-Tier 2 *Fire Warrior
-Tier 3 *Krootox
-tier 4 *Hammerhead gunship

-Tier 1 *Warrior (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 2 *Flayed Ones(DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 3 *Immortal(DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 4 *Heavy Destroyer (DC Honour Guard)

-Tier 1 *Mek Boy (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 2 *Stormboyz(DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 3 *Nobz (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 4 Looted Tank

-Tier 1 *Sorceror (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 2 *Berzerker Elites(DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 3 *Obliterators (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 4 *Predator

Space Marines
-Tier 1 *Chaplain (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 2 *Tactical Veterans- 1st Company (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 3 *Terminator Veterans- 1st company (DC Honour Guard)
-Tier 4 *Predator 

As some of you may have figured out, the Tau have not got their honour guard units, as it's possible for them to receive hammerhead gunships(Mont'Ka research), and Krootox (Kauyon Research) which means they can effectively get all their top tier units as either research or reinforcements.

Custom Titles Added.
As a big fan of guildwars, I’ve added some custom titles for completing certain things and killing uberunits etc. You’ll just have to play to find out what they are!

If you’re new to the whole thing, here’s the original release notes.

The gameplay is designed as players vs AI. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT COMP STOMPS - This is not designed as a simple comp stomp you could get anywhere online, or using the Skirmish AI Mod. It is designed as a defensive map where the player must hold out against 15 levels of enemy attacks before being given the order to advance and crush the enemy. It is something of a hybrid Tower Wars style of gameplay and is meant to fill the need for defensive maps.

Setting up your game
When you set up your game, you simply choose this map as you would any other map. This has been designed with specific win conditions and game options in place. DEVIATING FROM THIS SETUP WILL NOT DELIVER THE INTENDED EXPERIENCE.
These things listed below are VITAL to ensure the map works.
1) YOU MUST put an AI player in the final player spot. If it is a 6P map, the AI needs to go in position 6, 3 player maps need the AI in position 3, 2 player maps need the AI in position 2 and so on.
2) You MUST have fixed start positions
Failure to do this WILL cause a SCAR error.
The map was designed to be played using the win condition annihilate, but deviating from this will not break the game.
You can select Quick Start or Standard resources and the SCAR adjusts the attacking waves accordingly, and if you select an AI ally, you can expect them to do stupid things and screw you over unless of course you have the superlative AI mod running.

How it works
When you load the map, the scar code checks to see which settings you have chosen (standard or QS), which race the enemy is (The AI in the final position) and how many players there are. It spawns some req points and resources for each player (So if you're on your own it only spawns enough points for you!)
Each player is given their own set of attack waves, so if you wish to play 1v1 (Yourself vs AI) You're only going to face your own waves. Obviously when there's 2 vs AI each player has their own set of attack waves and killing your attack wave moves you up onto the next 'level' and you'll face tougher enemies in your next wave. In this way, good players will advance a lot faster, and weaker players will not need to face too hard enemies too quickly.
Capturing a critical location will provide you with a much needed bonus!
Oh.. Don't rush. I'm not judging rushing as a tactic, but it isn't advisable here - this is supposed to be about defending a pass, not spanking someone into next week with vespids!
If you play as a skirmish game, you'll receive a rank - starting as a private. Whenever you are successful in completing all 15 levels you will be given a battle commendation which is saved to your player profile. When you receive enough commendations you will be promoted. Unfortunately there is no way of getting this ranking system in place in multiplayer, so I'm looking for some great 1v1 defensive maps! These battle commendations are NOT map specific, so you can earn battle commendations on any map, and they are cumulative - resulting in increased ranks! Can you make it to General? The battle commendations can only be earnt through 1v1 games in skirmish.

Once you have achieved a rank, if you send me (Argonaut) a Private Message on Dawn of War discussion Forums with a screenshot showing your rank displayed in-game, I’ll send you a userbar corresponding to your rank. Here’s some of the opening userbars – If you don’t get a reply to a PM soon, hang in there! I may get a lot of requests for userbars, and I’ll send you one, don’t Worry!

All feedback is very welcome.

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