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Just some improvements on the Tau Fortess maps and he added a badge and banner set. His several readme documents and background cover it qu...


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Just some improvements on the Tau Fortess maps and he added a badge and banner set. His several readme documents and background cover it quite thoroughly.

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Tau Fortress Colour Schemes

These are the colour schemes of the participants of the Delphann Scouring, 
which is detailed in my map, Tau Fortress.I did this as I was bored and I
thought it would be fun for people to play on my map with the armies that 
were supposed to be there, nameley the Frozen Templars, Delphanni desert 
raiders, Harakoni warkawks(not included-you've already got it!)T'au (already got this too)
and Ar'ceon.


Background on new armies:

++Extract from the Delphanni Scouring files. Section: Participants++
++Clearance level Alpha IX++

Frozen Templars:
A chapter created, unsurprisingly, from Black Templar gene-seed at the
20th founding. Their armour is white with blue detailing, and their badge
is the templar cross ringed by a black circle. Unlike their crusading 
bretheren, the Frozen Templars mostly stick to the Codex set down by 
Robute Gulliman. They recruit mostly from ice worlds,hence the name, inhabited 
by fierce, nomadic warriors, much like the Norse who are said to have once roamed
Holy Terra istself.

412th Delphanni:
The Delphanni are a tough people, often likened to the people of Tallarn.
The 412th Delphanni were present on the planet when the Tau invaded, and
were one of the few companies to escape from the planet when defeat became 
unavoidable. They were at the forefront of the crusade to retake Delphann IV,
winning much honour on the field of battle.

31st Harakoni warhawks:
This company comes from Harakon V, and specialises in urban warfare. They were 
chosen for the crusade because they were posted near Delphann, having just finished
doing some peacekeeping on a planet that seemed to be thinking about secceding from 
the Imperium. The succsess rate of the peacekeeping, andthe death toll, was high. 

Hailing ftom a little-known Tau planet on the edge of the the Empire, the Tau
of Ar'ceon wear distinctive black-grey armour, chosen to link them to the Kroot
of the same planet, who have extremely dark skins.They were chosen to invade 
Delphann IV along with the T'au because of their close proximity to it.

++Thought for the day: Praise not those who praise the Immortal Emperor with words,
Praise those who praise Him with deeds++

++Extract ends++


Please note:
Only the frozen templars have a custom bage and banner. Sorry :)


Place every file in the schemes folder into C:program files/THQ/Dawn of war:Dark Crusade/Profiles/(profile of choice)/dpx2/schemes

please note that if you have more than one profile, choose the one you want to have these schemes on. (I.e profile1, profile2, e.t.c)

Place the file in the badges folder into C:program files/THQ/Dawn of war:Dark Crusade/badges

Place the file i nthe Banners folder into C:program files/THQ/Dawn of war:Dark Crusade/banners


Legal stuff:
Everything in here was made by me and me alone, so dont re-release ths stuff without my permission.
You may edit these, but you cannot release the edited versions.

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