And the cake goes on? :eek:

Well. Ehm. Volcanos. Inland lakes. Island. Rocks. Erm... yeah.

I've said it before, and I'll sure as hel...


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And the cake goes on? :eek:

Well. Ehm. Volcanos. Inland lakes. Island. Rocks. Erm... yeah.

I've said it before, and I'll sure as hell say it again: You people really like having a single lone relic as the tactical focus. Again the relic is singular, and again it's going to be a major power struggle to take it and hold it - and to capture it if you lose it. "Surrounded by negative cover" is an understatement, the are around the central relic is likely the most vulnerable point on the map for your units. My suggestion? Artillery.

As for the rest of the map, well, I think there's not much to say about it. The whole thing plays rather generic, except as a break from the norm there really isn't that much solid ground. Bases will be a tight squeeze, so base defense won't really be too practical. Hmm, what else...

Gameplay-wise, it's sorta generic, no special tactics required. Aesthetically, it looks the part. The design does look rather manufactured, though. Maybe some of you like that look, personally I prefer my maps to be a little more... well... wilderness. But that's just my preference.

Good map, enough room for four armies easily, and a pretty good risk factor when sending them out there - the defenders always have the advantage, so make sure you know how to conduct a good old fashioned siege. ;)

~ Kouen

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Download 'testcake_v2.zip' (547KB)

Map name: Testcake
Version: 2
Game mode: Mulitplay/Skirmish
For: Dark Crusade
Players: 4
Created by: Victor
Email: Imjodokast at hotmail

Place the W40k folder and all it's contents into the Dark Crusade directory.

A My first map...

Just a few minor changes, place a few more decorative objects and flattend out a few spots of the terrian. A spot was found where a builder unit could get stuck in the ground.

A single Relic located at the center of the map surrounded by a large mass of water that provides negative cover. This larger more open area is easier to march a large force through but doing so through negative cover and usually towards an easily foritfied position.

Player locations are at the corners of map, with a body of land leading out toward the center helps defend from a frontal attack. Attacks can also come from each side of the player location. One path is a straight shot to another player with no natural defensive point like a strategic point. The other side path at least gives an attacking player some light cover.

Any feedback would be welcomed.

Legal Stuff:
Do not redistributed or modify map for your own  project without permission.

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