the 12th winter

A nice map here from BCA. Recommend you scroll down and hit up that download button!

Enjoy ~Gaffer


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A nice map here from BCA. Recommend you scroll down and hit up that download button!

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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the 12th winter

A 4 player winter style map for DOW-DC.
Map dimensions : 512 * 512
map contains 3 critical locations, 
4 slag deposits
plus 4 points and a relic for each player.

The city is made around a bombarded lake in the center wich is negative cover, spots that reward your troops with a positive cover bonus can allso be found around the map. I made this for the winter theme mapping competition but never got round to finish it in time. It has a white sky and fog, to simulate the blinding effect of heavy snow. Not that many points but an even spread around the player area. both players get points close to the center lake behind a defence wall, wich provides cover, so using the passages around the lake and attack from a flank is a good tactic. No custom decals where used.

After 12 years of long hard war, the winter that swept across the ruins was a bitter one. It had a chill of death to it, the winds that howled true the ruined buidings had the voices of the many dead that the war had claimed singing tales of slaughter in them. This was the season to end the war in cold victory.

"As u can see i find it real hard to put something in the story/description box that shows up ingame, anyhow this is the fluff that i came up with."

to install:
Put all the files in your "C:program filesDawn of War - Dark CrusadeDXP2DatascenariosMP" folder
if its asks to overwrite its the loading screen folder, just klick yes, u wont lose any files.

Thanks for downloading. 
I hope u enjoy this map.

Greetings Master Z

Any questions/comments:

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