The Bowl

A well detailed, and although it looks basic at a quick glance, a quick venture into this world makes it not the average map (in a good way)...


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A well detailed, and although it looks basic at a quick glance, a quick venture into this world makes it not the average map (in a good way).

- jack051093

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Yay! A new Map! Yay again! I(Lanf) made it! Yay!

Right, level description time! w00t!!!

Its a desert themed, bowl (:O) shaped level. 8 players, designed for 2v2v2v2 but can work 4v4, but its just not as fun. Each team starts in a corner, with 1 ramp leading down to another level, and form that level, a ramp leading down to a more bowl like section where a relic lies. Control of the relic, is nasty however, leaving your base exposed, and you vunerable to flanking, so efficient team working is needed, if you wish for control. This map requires an efficient balance between offence, and defence, and has may strategies for attacking. With out advancing, the player can have very little map control, with only 3-4 strategic points per team, however pushing forwards can mean contorl of 6+ per team. But remember, as forementioned, this comes at a cost. This can be a very vicious map, and teamwork is required a great deal.

Cold. Hard. Statistics.

Strategic points: 24
Critical Locations: 0
Slag Deposits: 0
Relics: 1
Players: 8 (2v2v2v2)
Map Size: 512*512
Time took to make: Aprox. 5 hours
Lower end PC friendly: More than likely
Custom Decals/objects: None

Contact: lukelanfear [ AT ] hotmail [ DOT ] co [ DOT } uk

Credits: Well they go to me, obviously, as I made the entire map, and my friends, for some feedback (Well one friend, the other sucks at DOW, and thinks its all about camping in Chokepoints, rather than a series of skirmishes, and therefore, didn't like it much, due tothere being few significant chokepoints, but opinion is irrelivant) which helped made v1.01. Like v1, only less amounts of impassable terrain due to bumps in the ground, basically, smoother. Oh, and where I learnt the basics from, Saoriere's tutorial, and Relic for the game and modtools, that be it, really. 


Extract to: [drive eg C]\[Some other directory, if applies]Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP

If such folders do not exist, create them using the exact name mentioned above (This is more than likely the case to first timer map downloaders.)

Oh, err, please don't claim it as your own, upload it somewhere, else,(I do permit linking to the page though) don't just stick it in a mod or map pack without telling me, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

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