The Cutting Edge Map Pack



This map pack was made at almost our best ability, and we have some fun making these map packs, and to me that is all that matters. It inclues 6 maps from our 7 members (one couldnt have input in this map pack, due to problems). But Im sure you will find all of them enjoyable!



The Legacy of Mappers - jack051093 (me) teams up with a number of reasonably unknown mappers, this is the result.

This map pack introduces:

	- Refineus
	- Bloodymess
	- Jeddy00
	- Eta999 / Ferox
	- OneLeggedHorse


(1) Extract the 'legacyofmappers' folder.
(2) Copy the folder 'DXP2' into your Dawn of War - Dark Crusade directory.
(3) If you get a message about overwriting files, click 'yes'.
(4) Have fun!


Map 1 - Temple Capture by jack051093

The idea came to me while completing yet ANOTHER part of my map, Lost in Time and Space 2, sequel to Lost in Time and Space 1.  I was doing a part I had previously marked 'Imperium temple', and thought, well at least im doing an interesting part this week. But once I had finished it, I realised that the finished project was too good for just that one map, of course.  So I put it into this map.

The map is a simple 2v2 map, and very balanced as well.

Size: 512x512

Map 2 - Fort Cameron by Refineus

Jungle/Urban map. 6 player map, where 3 players start in the fortress. 2 players outside. 1 In the outern part of fort.

This map can be played 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 2. Both work well.

This is my first map released ever. 

Email: Mastersector(AT)myway(DOT)com


Map 3 - Galt Three Invasion by Bloodymess

Players: 4
Size: 512x512

Upon Galt Three, in the Eponymous system, an invasion took place a long time ago by the Ork Warlord Gurk. The planet had remained deserted eversince - until now. This anomaly attracted the attention of the Inquisiton, and now a new invasion has begun...

This is a four player map, set within a jungle enviroment.

Unfortunately I can't remember where I got all the decals from, but all credit due goes to them.

Have fun, Bloodymess.

Map 4 - Crossing at Archaion by Eta999 / Ferox

A team based, 8-player 512x512 lush, rivery map. Provides exciting gamelay, and is fairy balanced albeit having matrix-slyle physics.

The crossing at Archaion. The site of an ancient battle, now long forgotten. But now, as the war reaches it's climax, it will be a battlefield once more.

Map 5 - Imperial Last Stand by OneLeggedHorse

A small 4 player map, which can be played as either 2v2 or freel for all.  A very even and balanced map.

We are here in ruins, with fire, torment, bombs and craters everywhere, the war has begun, and we have one last chance to save us all.

Map 6 - Peaceful Place by jeddy00

A 2 player map, set on an island with a hill in the centre, makes for good gameplay, and requires you to utilise every tactic your faction has available.  Play wisely.

The scenery blends in and creates an all-round brilliant atmosphere.

Feedback welcome.

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