The Emperor Protects

A map for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Map Name: The Emperor Protects Players: 8 Map size: 1024x1024 Strategic points: 37 Relics:...


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A map for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Map Name: The Emperor Protects Players: 8 Map size: 1024x1024 Strategic points: 37 Relics: 8 Critical locations: 4 Slag deposits: 3

The map consists of a large bastion a top a mountain. There is one direct route into the fort, this is via a giant causeway. This is large enought to easily hold any attacking force. It is easily defended offering the defenders a lot of cover. There is however a back route into the bulwark allowing for units with the jump ability to lauch small shock attacks.

To play this map to it's full potential the player start locations should be set to fixed. The first three players are on top of the hill, the others, 4-8 are spread out below. Because of the size of this map not everyone will be able to handle an eight player game, but it can easily be played on a smaller scale with either 6 or 4 players, even 2, depending on your computer's speed. If playing a 6 player game just turn off the 3rd and 8th slots, a 4 player, 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 8th should be closed. This will maintain the odds and still be a good game.

Hey all, colonial here, judging by the screen shots of this map, this one the nicer maps I've seen, looks like the author put a lot of time into this. Recommend you download!


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Download '' (13.46MB)

Extact to Dark Crusade folder. The route for this should be something like 
C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark Crusade.
A window will pop up asking if you wish to overwrite previous files, click yes to all.
If this doesn't appear, don't worry, it just means that you don't have the files already.


Back Story:
It was on the eve of 689 M41 when the planet of Denat IX was lost to the Imperium. Denat, like many other planets in the Segmentum Obscuras stands vigil over The Eye of Terror. Its close proximity to the Eye means that it is under constant attack from the legions of Chaos and also from a far more insidious threat, the many hidden cults, acting with only one goal in mind, to undermine the planets defences. The Denation Standing army, the 169th are all that stand against the many cults that seem to emerge over night. The 169th reside in a Bastion set atop Mt Brut, over-looking a small city, Coumarin. It was in the heart of this city, right under the 169th noses when Chaos finally won. A cult, acting in secret, had been planning for the doom of Denat for almost a century and finally their plans had come to fruition. 
On the eve of the new year a dark ritual on a scale never before seen on the surface of the planet took place. Sects all over Denat sprang into action at an unseen sign and sentenced the world and its inhabitants to perdition. The purpose of their ritual was not to summon the forces of Chaos to Denat, but to bring Denat to Chaos. The whole planet was engulfed by a warp storm, the likes of which have not been seen since the Age of Strife, and dragged into the clutches of the Eye.
In seven weeks the forsaken planet was transformed into a world of darkness. The first week the inhabitants rebelled, driven by terror they tore each other apart, by week two millions were driven to insanity by the constant whispers in their heads. At the dawn of the forth week the population was but a fraction of its former self. During week five corruption had finally taken hold of Denat, blood boiled from the ground drowning entire cities, Coumarin being one amongst them. 
Now the 169th are to their knowledge the last stronghold of humanity, their unwavering faith and constant guidance from their militant priests the only thing stopping them from being completely consumed by Chaos. They defiantly defend their Bastion against the hordes of corrupted souls, many being family and friends. They hold against the evil of Chaos in the vain hope that help will come, but knowing deep down that they have but one option left… to die in the name of the emperor, in a realm that will show no mercy to their lost souls…


This is hopefully the first part to a set of maps following the stoy of the 169th. Wether this'll ever happen, I don't know.

Legal stuff: If you plan to redistribute this map or add it to any mods/map packs etc, just let me know. And most importantly, do not claim it as your own! If you do get my permission to release a modified version of this map, this readme must be included and I want appropriate credit. In short, don't steal my sh*t.

Contact info:
Email: Sentinel005AThotmailDOTcom

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