The Knights Gluttonous

Ladies and gentlemen the final piece of the Seven Deadly Sins Legion: The Knights Gluttonous. This badge/banner I am quite proud off,...


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Ladies and gentlemen the final piece of the Seven Deadly Sins Legion: The Knights Gluttonous. This badge/banner I am quite proud off, one of the few I have made that I think rival the Wrath and Pride banners in quality. Very soon I will release the Seven Deadly Sins badge and banner pack (which will include the improved wrath badge and the improved pride banner), and after that I have one more simple badge and banner set then I think it might well be the end of my badge and banner career, as I'm not really going to have the free time and I don’t really have any more great ideas for badges and banners (and I never did get any requests). Thanks again to every one for you comments and support.

Fluff: The Knights Gluttonous are a vicious faction of the seven deadly sins which specifically target agricultural worlds, striking deadly and vicious blows to its people but more importantly to its resources. How it is that this band of men is capable of apparently devouring the food resources of an entire fertile region in a short weeks time is unknown, some say it has to do with the peculiar nature of the demons which possess them some calling them “Famine Spirits”, this would certainly explain the demonic appetite of The Knights Gluttonous. They are lead buy Behlzabub The Starved a ravenous chaos lord who has been observed to kill and eat his own men on the battle field if he cannot get his hands on a sufficient number of enemy corpses to devour.

A tribute to a out of touch friend: Demons... IN SPACE! Nom-Nom-Nom-Nom! He Ate A Motorcycle! He Ate A Motorcycle!

I think this sums it up quite nicely. Also; the author has reminded me of Pigs In Space. One of the best Muppet's sketches, therefore he is win and you must worship him. Do it, do it now. - Heretic/Abbadon

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This is the knight gluttonous badge and banner set
made buy Terra Classica. Looks good on any colour schemed chaos space marines, the black maw makes it come out on light, and the teeth and vauge red shading make it come out fine on dark (this might make a great Ork badge/banner as well).

To install simply place the Gluttony Badge into the "Badges" folder located in the program folder in which ever version of dawn of war you are playing (like wise the Banner folder for the Glutony Banner).

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