The Map Pack Revolution II

The map pack revolution two is here! our team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to bring you a whopping 10 maps!!! many thanks to...


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The map pack revolution two is here! our team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to bring you a whopping 10 maps!!! many thanks to all the team: kitty, kendall, visba, wasturr and elfurreto for their hard work. anyway, enjoy the pack guys, download if you wish :P

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The Map pack revolution map pack II

So after a few weeks of hiatus, we bring you the second installment of the (let's use the shortened version k) mprevo.

This time the mprevo contains even more maps as well as further originall textures from our local texturer Elfurreto.

Full 10 maps!!
>>Hand of god
>>New Caprica
>>Subterenean Struggle
>>Defense of Abraxxas
>>Twilight River
>>Two fortresses
>>The mean streets of Caliban
>>Eldar Arctic
>>Blasphemer's Brook

>>a number of magnificent textures

The Team
Leader -- Ruley/Sgt. Killa



The map slave :->

Texture artist
	El Furreto

Merely open the archive and double click on the exe 

(click ok to any alerts e.g: "DXP2 already exists, continue anyway?" -> OK)

We would like to thank to everyone who's textures were used, and whose names, we sadly could not find out.
Much kuddus to you for making such great textures.

WE would like to give credits vol_907 for that beautifull football field decal used in the previous pack.

The comments
(hey don't hurt me, I didn't write them)

Name: Blasphemer's Brook
Players: 2
Size: 256x256

10 strategic points; 4 on each side, 2 contested
3 strategic objectives; 1 in the middle, 1 in each corner
2 relics; 1 on each side

To install; unzip the folder into C:/Program Files/Dawn of War: Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/scenarios/MP

This is a river map in which 2 sides are yet again fighting for a river.  There are three attack routes into each base,
and the middle route cannot be used by tanks.  Throughout the river and many islands.  Most are no cover, but ones with
plants on them are light cover.  There are 2 elevated craters on each side - heavy cover to place ranged units in to fire
at targets in the river or around the crater.  There are also patches of trees - light cover.  One side is chaos themed;
the other, space marine themed.


Hello.  I am VisbaTacoKing (aka VisbaTacoMaster) and with Wraithcat (aka Wildcat) I have made a river map the likes of which have never been seen before!  This one is deep beneath the sandy dunes and windswept plateaus of Kronus... into the foreboding underground abode of the Necrons.  The underground river
is the last thing standing between you and the Necrons.  Do you dare cross?

This is a 2 player map; 256x256.  There are 2 strategic points in each base, and 8 total, which are contested in one way or another.  There are 3 contested crits and 2 contested relics as well.  There are 2 craters outside of each base which are heavy cover.  The surrounding areas around the relics make them
light cover, and the river is negative.  As usual, there are islands in the river, but unlike Snowy Stream, these are fewer, larger, and more planned out.  Also unlike my previous maps, the middle is a large island where the river flows around.  The strategic point placement is also not like the others, and
kind of like a mixture of fallen city and blood river.

Wraithcat did the heightmap (I wanted to, but he made me let him do it,) and he made the map look good.  I did the cover, point placement, impass edit, concept, and added the islands and a few items, but all in all this amounts to working about the same time as Wraithcat did and maybe less.
This map also includes Wraithcat's custom textures and decals, which I will tell you how to install so you don't get pink question marks everywhere.

Thank you and I hope you like it!

Life or death, good or evil, human or heretic - the choice is yours, commander.




I was really wanting to do an elder themed map but I was thinking about “where should I start?” well I took 7 hour a few days ago and produced this map. Its 2 vs. 2 map. You are directly across from your enemy and there are to teleporter that take you to the islands which contain relics (thanks to incarnate).


This ancient island is a one of the ancient war machines know as the Titan. From a crashed elder fleet came the titan Gaia. The mechanized beast crash-landed on the planet and was never recovered. Years passed: the once metallic machine is now just a lush island. The lush plant life only covers up the death and destruction this thing was made for. Now the elder come back try to retract what was once lost.

Pleases, pleases send feedback on the map. I need more help so I can further improve maps

Kitty's readme.

So another pack, another time, where does it all end ? :)
At times I still wonder, how among the excessive amounts of schoolworkd did I eve manage to finish two maps.
It truly eldues me.
Hope you like them.

The first.

Twlight River.
Set on a world of crystal, a word where ther is no single stone, a world purple, weird and almost unnatural.

It is a 2 player map.

The textures used there are somewhat changed textures of the crystal tileset of the famous TA.

Hand of god.
A 3 player map taking place on a giant rock hand.


new caprica (6): By sergent_killa / Ruley

The colonial fleet has sought refuge on this unknown planet due to the overwhelming support for the president Gyias Baltar, as an attempt to hide from Cylon forces. however, even though the planet was shrouded in EMP interference the cylons still found new caprica. unable to defend the 39,542 people on the surface, the Battlestar Galactica, the Battlestar Pegasus and the rest of the fleet jumped away leaving them all to die. but the fight for new caprica has just begun...

The Two Fortresses (4): by sergent_killa / Ruley

For many many years that tau and the imperium have sought to control this jungle on the planet of Gavnec, for its huge resource value. take the fight into your own hands and finish what the imperium started, drive out the demons that threaten what is rightfully yours...

Eldar Arctic

this is a 2 vs. 2 map where each team starts out on each side of the map divided by a large rift. Though as fair as they are you right next to a teleport which can take you, your ally near your enemys base or vise versa, allowing hurashing to be a big possinlility.

BAck story
They thought they were hidden, in safety from the chaos threat they were going to put down. The eldar thought their haven was safe, they erroneously believed, that no one could possibly discover the secret of their webway technology...They were wrong...


My maps
The Defense of Abraxxas
The Mean streets of Caliban.
Thxs to  El Furreto for the Decals.
Oh!! and Kitty I used some trees from the Steel legion
Namely that autumn tree no 8 and 4
along with that footy field(what's his name??
and I've included El furreto's new decals as well.


Sadly, I was unable to get our ferret person to release anything from himself :(

but i'm sure we'll get him next time! :P

Please live your comments and concerns on either dowfiles or

And if you discover any problems, please tell us definately


The mprevo team

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