The Old City

Is it a village? Is it a city? No, it's an OLD city!

Yeah, that doesn't make much sense to me either.

But this is a city. And it is ol...


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Is it a village? Is it a city? No, it's an OLD city!

Yeah, that doesn't make much sense to me either.

But this is a city. And it is old. And it's a good urban battlefield, with a relatively realistic layout. It's large, as you may have guessed, but even for a six-player map you'll never run out of room. Master Z mentions how much time was spent on tweaking the aesthetic aspects, and it shows that the time was well-spent. The decal usage is down to a tee, and there are several places where I could recognise extremely different decals used together to produce the effect of a "combo decal", of sorts - one or two of these combos seem a little unorthodox, but they're used very well.

It looks great, bottom line. You'll have a lot of fun sending your armies trampling through the ruins in search of your enemies, that's for sure. Many areas of the map will also grant tactical elements to the fight; obviously, cover and high ground are important, but I spy several areas where I would love to bait an enemy and then ambush with a stealth/artillery strike. Oh yeah, there's some nice killing alleys alright....

My only regret, is that DoW doesn't have any form of trebuchet. A siege just ain't a siege without a trebuchet, y'know.


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A 6 player urban style map for DOW-DC.
Map dimensions : 1024 * 512
map contains 2 relics, 
1 critical location, 
14 uncontested strategic points, 
6 slagdeposits,

plus 3 points around start location for each player.

The city is based around a crowded center, with a ring around it wich is easy passable, most buildings that can be entered provide cover.
The critical location and relics are located on the middle of the map, so much fighting will be around this area.
Each player gets 3 strat points close to base, the other points can be discovered around the city. Some can be found in the outer ring, some are in the center of the city. It may seem that there are many points around the map, but given the big size of the city I considered it better if there where some points spread around. Making it more rewarding for those that leave the base and search the map.

I spend a lot of time on this one getting all the decals right and make it look good, as you can tell from the screenshots. 
I hope u will find this map to provide a balanced and fun game. 

Thanks for downloading. 
I hope u enjoy this map.

Greetings Master Z

Any questions/comments:

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