The Wall

The Wall has been built to separate the desert from the local capital Ten-Rasha, run by Tau. Because of this wall, Ten-Rasha is a tourist at...


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The Wall has been built to separate the desert from the local capital Ten-Rasha, run by Tau. Because of this wall, Ten-Rasha is a tourist attraction, famous for the views of wild orcs. However, the mob has made several attempts of attacking the walls (quite some tourists were beheaded during the attacks), so locals decided to decrease the Orc's numbers a bit.

The author says this map has been in his mind for several years now. Initially inspired by Outer Reaches (surprise, surprise), the map follows a slightly different layout and a different node setup as well, so the gameplay is quite different. You can launch attacks through the opponents back door, for example.

The map could be slightly imbalanced as far as ranged combat goes (arty and Tau updates), but on the other hand, turtling will not help you in this offensive layout.

Last but not least, the AI seems to have slight issues with this map as it doesn't rush a lot. It seems slower than usual.

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    - The Wall -

Version 1.0


title: The Wall
map title: The Wall (2)
author: Swanky
email address: chunky at surfeu dot de
homepage: www dot swanky dot de dot vu



Wild orcs inhabit the desert close to Ten-Rasha, serving as a Zoo to the Tau population. Lately, 
the Orcs have started a series of attacks against the wall dividing the capital from the deserts. 
Show them the power of the Greater Good and seize their numbers a bit.

play information

Bots: Full bot support (easy with no botpathing to set^^)
new sounds: no
new graphics: only DOW / DC stuff has been used, though some extra stuff has been minded.

how to play Place all files (this doc and screenshots excluded) in your
Name_Of_Warhammer_DC_or_SS_Folder/W40k/Data/Scenarios/MP folder and run the game.



base: from the scratch
editor: DoW ME 1.2
other progs: Photoshop
known bugs: none! :D 
build time: not very long. 1 evenings + 1 afternoon + some time bugkilling / extra work... all in all like 2 days


- your usual 2 player battleground
- the layout is roughly reminiscent of Outer Reaches. However, the map itself is really different in terms of gameplay and node setup.
- you may try to rush to get another early lp up
- The Ai is quite defensive here in lower difficulty levels... I wonder why?


still to do...

- nothing, perhaps a custom loading screen but I'm kinda lazeh right now


thanx to ...

*crosses fingers, don't let me forget anyone*

reric, for still supporting Soulstorm
maktaka, for making the Soulstorm bugfix mod
my memory, for making me remember there was an interesting layout still to be done

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 2009 Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn chunky at surfeu dot de
All rights reserved.

Dawn of War is a registered trademark of
Relic Entertainment and THQ

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN

You are not allowed to submit this Zip
to any Internetsite without my

This file is NOT to be sold. It's free!

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