The Whispering Heads



Authors first, and for a first map submitted it's not half bad. From the screenies it looks like your assaulting up hill and looks quite fun! And to Wounded_Badger your maps get uploaded when we pick to upload them...The inbox is a bit messy at the moment. Anyway enjoy ~Gaffer



Nickname: Wounded_Badger

Map - Single Player or 2 Player multiplayer map

[email protected] for email or IM

This is my first map for publication.

This map is intended for play in the spirit of the battle of The Whispering Head Mountain against
insurgents still holed up on planet 6319 (63rd Expeditionary Forces planet 19) where in the book
of the Horus Heresy by Dan Abnett the 10th Company of the Lunar Wolves under Company Commander Loken launch
an attack to purge the last resistance of insurgents to put the planet 6319 back into compliance under Imperial rule.

The spirit behind play of this map is NOT to use vehicles only troops and starting forces are
representative of the fight ahead.  Using Imperial Guard as Player 2 is best for AI but of course any force
may be used and if playing multiplayer, understand that you are pretty much limited to building troops unless
you are really good and can break out of the mountain.  As I said this map was made for people like me that
love the fluff of 40K and I believe this map does this battle justice.  Play it as it is meant to be and plenty
of surprises and tests of your tactics await you.

Installation:  Just unzip into DXP/Data/Scenarios/MP folder but be sure to move the loading screen into your loading folder or create one
in the same MP folder.

Thank you and as always have fun. No challenges to the status of any persons or the above mentioned were intended.

Wounded_badger (shrew8541 at yahoo dot com)

Comments accepted

This file may NOT be redistributed on CD, DVD etc, resold, modified or "plugged" into a mod without notifying me.

Any decals or artwork that belong to anyone that did not want them used I apologize for,
as all I did in creating this map was use what was in my Mission Editor and some of those
may be from other downloaded maps.

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