Thermopylae Pass



a good map we have here, only two passageways to each base so there's going to be allot of blood shed! download if you like pushing the enemy back bit by bit, that's my opinion :)



Thermopylae Pass by Jazzeh THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION FROM MY OTHER MAP Thermopylae.

Players: 6
Relics: 2
CL's: 0
SP's About 25?
Slags: 0

Description: This is based on the battle of Thermopylae, also known for the movie 300.
	     It's a 3 vs 3 map. Both sides have a pretty narrow entrance but with positions
	     1,2,3 getting the famous pass itself and players 4,5,6 get the camp area where
	     the Persians camped with a long narrow mountain pass in between. I have done
  	     quite alot of research for this map to make it as exact to the actually site as
	     possible. So i don't want people saying the layout is bad or whatever.

Installation: Extract the files to
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War Dark Crusade/W40k/Data/Scenarios/MP.
Create any of the files if they're not there.

This map has been tested, and all relic units can fit through the gap. The only problems are
the minimap, icon and it's a bit laggy when you get to the wall of dead bodies.

Contructive criticism is much appreciated, also is any comments.

If any other bugs/glitches are found, please email me at jaz_chasty28[AT]hotmail[DOT]com

Permission is NOT granted to edit this map for your personal use,however you can obviously
make a similar map, as it is based on an actual place. if you wish to use it in a map pack
or mod or whatever, please notify me first.

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