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Ok, this is another "closer to codex" mod but after a lot of hours to work to modify weapons damage, units characteristics, game play an...


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Ok, this is another "closer to codex" mod but after a lot of hours to work to modify weapons damage, units characteristics, game play and resources systems, I hope some players would enjoy my mod, so here it is...

Read the change log if you're interested, download link is below.

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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TrueWarhammer by Joubarbe


Version 1

For the first version, I read all Codex and change all units values (hp, sight, move, morale, weapons damage etc.)
If you know Warhammer 40k, you will understand details below :

HP = [(T+Sv)*W]*10 - Vehicles : Armour 9 = 100HP Armour 10 = 200HP ; Armour 11 = 400HP Armour 12 = 600HP etc.
Sight = I1=0 I2=10 I3=20 I4=30 etc. Vehicles without I : 30
Move = I1=10 I2=12 I3=14 I4=16 I5=18 etc. Vehicles without I : NoChange
Morale = Ld10=400 Ld9=350 Ld11=450 etc. (broken_min_morale : 50 - broken_min_time : 10)
Close=[WS+S]*A (+S again to determine max)
Range=[BS + Weapon's S] * A (+Weapon's S again to determine max)
Vehicles A (if non assigned) = 2
Turrets (and all defensive buildings)(+10 in ALL per upgrades) : Chaos 25-25 Eldar 20-20 Imperial 40-40 Necron 40-40 Ork 35-35 SM 30-30 (AP5 Range30)

Cost = Pts
AP-=10 ; AP6=20 ; AP5=30 ; AP4=40 ; AP3=50 ; AP2=60 ; AP1=70

NOTE : Dawn of Skirmish is included. 


Version 2

- Necron obelisks has no more special abilities.
- Ressources rate gained by capturing strategic points have been drastically reduced. (strat 0.1 relic 0.1 critic 0.2)
- Ressources produced by HQs have been changed (4.5 instead of 0.8).
- Stealth Suit squad limited to 1.
- The orbital bombardment is available as soon as the commander appears on the field.
- Buildings HP / 2.
- Terminators HP * 2.
- The second requisition research available at the listenning post is twice more efficient than the first one.


Version 3

- Imperial guard squads are no more limited to 2 and their "squad_cap" value is now assigned to 1.
- The basilisk reload time is twice more longer.
- Farseer psychic storm is now less powerful.
- Listenning posts have less HP.
- All Necron units (except pariahs, lord and vehicles) can now teleport on the field from the monolith.


Version 4

- Death spinners AP value has been raised.
- Chaos and IG HQs upgrades price have been reduced.
- All WAAAGH! Banners have less HP.


Version 5

- Two mine fields max.
- Two turrets maximum.
- Turrets can be built in five seconds.
- Orks can no longer build mine fields.
- Now, all races buildings have the same amount of HP depending on their technologies.
- All races can now build two plasma gen maximum (except for Necrons).

This new system let the player to have access to all units more quickly. Now during a match, it's advised to build several 


Version 6

- All "squad_cap_ext" values are now set to 1, except for building units. Army cap is now set to 5.
- Heroes cap set to 1. They can regen.
- Necrons units do no longer suffer from morale effects.
- Showroom (army paint) units are differents (yes it's useless)
- The "We'll be back" ability is more efficient. 


Version 7

- various changes :)


Version 8

- Snaretrap is now free.
- Earthshaker special round cost 30 plasma.
- Costs of all reinforced units and leaders fixed.
- Stealth suit squad limit return to 2.
- Guards have now 30 hp instead of 85 (but they're still free !).
- The sight range of all units has been changed. 20 for infantry (except assassins, scouts, rangers, skull probes and
  pathfinders), 30 for vehicles and demons.
- The price of listenning posts has been raised to 15.
- Seer Council HP are now the same as indicated on the Codex.
- All heroes have a glow effects around them like they do have in the campaign.
- Only first squads (guardians, cultists, stealths suits etc.) can now see infiltrate units.
- Names of some units have been fixed.
- All powers have been reviewed for a better coherence with Codexs.
- Some fixs !


Version 9

- New ressource system ! Now power will be gained by capturing strategic points. 
- All races have 3000 requisition points and nothing can influenced this number except listenning posts, who gives a
  20 requisition bonus.
- All vehicles except vypers, land speeders and sentinels can't see farther than infantry.
- Concerning ressources, the race of Necron is the same as other ones. They have power AND requisition.
- Necrons can't teleport from monolith to battlefield as I believed but they can only teleport from battlefield to 
  monolith or other buildings (except flayed ones).


Version 10

- Various fixes concerning Orks.
- The harlequin squad is replaced by a great harlequin.
- A "variants" directory has been included. It is used for modify the amount of starting ressources. Now, players can 
play 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 points games.
- Better AI.


Version 11

- "Codexing" of weapons accuracy :) (BS5:0.90 BS4:0.75 BS3:0.50 BS2:0.35 BS1:0.20)
- Stealthsuits are built quicker.
- Ork starting game is now quicker.
- Armored nob is now a hero.
- A plasma generator will be obsolete after 15 minutes.
- Crisis can now carry two weapons (when they are two in the squad).

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