Under the Eye of Damnation



Under the eye of Damnation is a map based around a planet in close proximity to the eye of terror. its also the first map iv ever made and ever posted. The map has 3 types of terrain, a city ( which holds all the strat points and is highy restrictive to wehicles), the central path which is fairly plain but for a few crators, and a jungle which makes for some hard to see combat unless you get down to the units eye level!!!

there thats it

luv Ed ;)

thank you for downloading (hopefully...)



Read me!!!!!   ;-)   

The Eye of Damnation
by: Ed!!!

Disclaimer : this map is made by me and only me!! and i really dont mind what you do with this map, custmise it
 ,improve the quality, I don't mind
(This can be used as long as credit is given)

to install, Copy and paste Folder

Under the Eye of Damnation


C: Program FilesTHQDawn of warW40k

Or For Dark crusade just copy the folder inside labeled Data
Into your Dxp2 folder. 


This is the first map I have ever posted so c&c is accepted


A few notes on the gameplay-

-2 player

-all the strat points are in the city so fighting there is preety intense also most vehicles will
have a hard time navigating the city so infantry wars are on!!!

-1 relic and 1 critical point

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