Visba's Badges and Banners VIII



Here is a badge and banner pack for Dawn of War : Dark Crusade. This is the eight pack by VisbaTacoMaster, there are logos for V for Vendetta, Slayer and many others. Highly recommended for fans of either of those.



Greetings comrades.  If you're not already sick of me, I, VisbaTacoKing (aka VisbaTacoMaster), have made ANOTHER badge and banner pack.  I actually worked on this one, though the reason it's been months is because I've
been away from my PC.  These are general themes, chaos or space marine like but not limited to them alone.  There's also a V for Vendetta set and a Slayer (the band) set, though
I don't particularly like Slayer... they just have a neat emblem.

This is a badge and banner pack for Dawn of War and all of its expansion packs.  To activate simply unzip and cut and paste the badges (the ones that
don't say banner in their file name) into your dawn of war badges folder and the banners into the banners folder.  These folders can be found in wherever you installed Dawn of War
or Dawn of War: Dark Crusade to, usually under program files/THQ/Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

These badges and banners may be used in any mod, just give me credit for them.

To contact me for feedback or if you want a custom badge and banner made for you, you can contact me with my email,
which is gamerj AT verizon DOT net.  Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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