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Another Balancing Modification here, changing stats of various units in-game to make them more 'real'.



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Another Balancing Modification here, changing stats of various units in-game to make them more 'real'.


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Download 'voyds_dc_balance.zip' (202KB)

Voyds DC Balance Mod v 0.1.4
by: VoydAngel (and Friends)

I have included in this distro a .dll file and module file that will enable your DC game manager. I did not make these files. As a matter of fact, I am using them without permission. They were made my a guy who goes by the name of "Corsix" in the Relic forums. He is an amazing asset to the game, the forums and the modding community in general. As another matter of fact, I used his mod tools to make this mod. So:  THANK YOU Corsix!  If you would like me to remove said files from my d/l, please just ask, and I will be glad to. Also if anyone has any suggestions: you can contact me at: voydangel [at] hotmail [dot] com

As far as I can tell, there is a problem with the extra 2 files included in the mod that make the Game Manager work. As I said before this is temporary as I am expecting Relic to fix the game manager in the first patch which will make these files no longer needed and hence fix said problem. The problem is that you may get "sync" errors and therefore not be able to play multiplayer games with those two files installed. To get the game back to normal you dont need to delete the "Voyds_DC_Balance.module" file or the "Voyds_DC_Balance" folder, just the "WXPMod_DCMod.dll" file and the "AAAAAAAAAA.module" file. I have asked for a little help with this problem from the files creator, but havn't heard back quite yet. My apologies for the incovenience.

Thanks again! and on with the show...

1. Run the 7-zip self extracting file. When prompted, tell it to extract directly to your root Dark Crusade directory.
Example = "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade"
2. Open DOW:DC, slect game manager, and the activate "Voyds DC Balance" Mod
3. Click yes to restart DC
4. Play

To Uninstall:
1. De-Activate the "Voyds DC Balance" mod using the ingame DOW:DC game manager.
2. Exit Game
3. Open your DOW root directory.
4. Delete the file "Voyds_DC_Balance.module"
5. Delete the folder "Voyds_DC_Balance"

These files (hereafter referred to as "this mod") may not be redistributed on CD or DVD commercially, or resold. However, this mod may be distributed freely so long as the recipients are aware that this is a work in progress and they can download the latest updated version from an authorized distro site. IE: Dawn of War Files.com    This mod may NOT be "plugged into" another mod without my express permission, and credit due.

Coming Soon:
- Balance balance balance!
- Havnt gotten a lot of suggestions recently, so we'll see.

List of Changes:

version: 0.1.4

- Targeting Optics Upgrade is now a Mont'Ka upgrade rather than Kauyon.

- LOS increased some.
- Range of weapon decreased some.

- Target Aquired Ability now incapacitates target. Duration 10 seconds.
- Target Acquired victim is immune to all ranged and CC damage for those 10 seconds.

- Weapon range increased a little.
- "Suppression Fire" effect increased.
- Detection range increased.

Stealth Suit:
- Fusion gun (the SS weapon upgrade) vehicle damage significantly increased when Power source upgrade completed.
- Survivability increases when either techings are researched (mont'ka OR kauyon).
- Max squad size +1

- Hardcapped at 2.
- Survivability increased.
- ALL weapons now fire while entrenched (rockets and Rail guns).
- Rail gun range increased slightly.
- Entrench and Un-entrench a little faster.
- Pathing issues should be all wrapped up, although a bit of unit intersection may occur.

Crisis Suits:
- Increased survivability.
- Now regenerates.
- Moves a little faster.
- Costs alot more.
- Flamer Reload time bug fixed.
- Missile Pod actually worth getting now (Vehicle damage increased).
- Pathing issues should be all wrapped up, although a bit of unit intersection may occur.

- Are now hardcapped at 2 (up from 1).
- Cost less
- Build alot slower
- Initial squad size is now 3
- Doubled the recharge wait time of Shred.
- Increased vespid claw damage vs buildings significantly.

- Hardcapped at 2.
- Now regenerates (very slowly)

Kroot Hounds
- Hardcapped at 3. (up from 2)

Drone Squad:
- Reinforce time decreased.
- Build time decreased.

Greater Gnarloc:
- Now regenerates (slowly)

- Fixed Summoning Core armor bug.
- You now need to build BOTH the Summoning Core AND the Forbidden Archive to be able to get to Tier 2.
- Fixed "repairable infantry icon" bug.
- Must now build more Listening Posts to reach max squad cap of 20.

Necron Lord:
- Reduced Solar Pulse area of effect to more closely match the visible FX AOE.
- Reduced AoE radius for Resurrection Orb

Basic Warrior:
- Reduced base HP
- Now only have 40% accuracy while on the move rather than 80% (50% FotM penalty)
- Warrior Boost 1 research becomes available only after upgrading to tier 2
- Warrior Boost 2 research becomes available only after upgrading to tier 3

Flayed Ones:
- Drastically reduced damage vs buildings.
- Reduced "chance to get back up".

- Reduced amount of HP gained from wraith boost upgrade.
- Move a little slower.

- You now need to build BOTH the Chapel Barracks AND the Armory to be able to get to Tier 2.

- Can now be attached to other squads.

- Support cap cost is now 2.

Predator Anihilator:
- Support cap cost is now 4.

- You now need to build BOTH the Barracks AND the Armory to be able to get to Tier 2.
- Slightly reduced costs of Armory and Tier 1 upgrade.
- Sacrificial Circle costs a little more.
- PSM Daemonic Fire and Mutation researches now take considerably less time to "build"

- Increased reinforce time out of combat
- Decreased reinforce time in combat
- HW upgrades now take standard amount of time to buy regardless of whether your in combat or not.
- Furious Charge research now scales cultist HP into 2nd Tier

Chaos Space Marines:
- Slightly reduced plasma damage.

Chaos Lord:
- Daemon Strength ability no longer causes extra damage to be sustained.

Daemon Prince:
- Increased survivability.
- Is a detector.
- Now costs less to field.
- Research time reduced alot (to zero actually).
- Daemon Strength ability no longer causes extra damage to be sustained.

Blood Thirster:
- No longer looses HP while not in combat.
- Actually regens a little bit while in combat (still takes damage normally)
- Daemon Fire research give BT a slight damage boost.

Chaos Predator:
- Support cap cost is now 4.
- Starting HP reduced some
- Power cost reduced a little
- Chaos Projectiles research give good HP boost to predators.

- Can now jump just as often as ASM.

- Can now be reinforced back up to 5.
- Smaller starting squad size.
- Daemon Fire research now gives horrors a slight HP boost
- Chaos Projectiles research now gives horrors a slight damage boost

- Can now have a leader attached to them.

- Soul shrine cost decreased slightly, and build time decreased as well.
- Slightly reduced Mobilize for war research time
- Mobilize for war now gives multiple bonuses:
  *Increses Harlequins survivability.
  *Increses Fire dragons weapon range.
  *Scales Guardian HP and damage into tier 2.
  *Dark reapers, Fire dragons, Guardian Squads, Grav platform (both), Farseer, Rangers, Warp Spiders, Warlock, & Seer council move speed increased.
- You must now build an Aspect Portal before you can build a Soul Shrine

Fire Prism:
- Support cap cost is now 4.

- Ranger Hardcap is now 2 (up from 1)

Dark Reapers:
- Increased survivability.

- Harlequins can be attached to other squads as a leader.
- Harlequins no longer take up squad cap.
- When attached to a squad, the Harlie will increase the squads morale regen
- When attached to a squad, the harlie will decrease the amount of damage the squad recieves from ranged weaponry.

- Reinforce a tiny bit slower
- Reinforce cost raised a tiny bit.

- No longer takes up that 1 squad cap point.

Falcon Grav Tank:
- Starcannon infantry damage significantly increased.

Grav Platfroms (both)
- Build time drastically decreased
- Pathing fixed.
- Support cost is now 2 (up from 1)
- Gravitic booster ability now uses same hotkey as FoF (lets see if it works right).

Fire Dragons:
- Can now have leaders attached to them

- Can now have leaders attached to them

- Bad dok, Big Mek, Nob leader Mega Armored Nobz & Warboss no longer cost “Ork Population”
- Each infantry entity fielded reduces build time for all other infantry entities by 6/10ths of 1%

Looted Lemanruss:
- Support cap cost is now 4.

Mega armored nobz 
- Can now have leaders attached to them.
Nob Leaders:
- Mob bonuses now slightly easier to get
- Additional Mob bonus reduces incoming ranged damage a little.

- You now need to build BOTH the Infantry Command AND the Tactica Control to be able to get to Tier2.

- Reinforce faster.
- Each guardsman squad on the field reduces the build time for other GM squads by 15%
- starting squad size +1
- Starting squad cost = 180

- Hardcap increased to 2
- squad cap usage reduced to 2

Lemanruss Tank:
- Support cap cost is now 3.

Command Squad:
- no longer cost squad cap

- Morale increased.
- Sergeant now increases morale regen of squad.

- Full Scale War research gives sentinel a moderate HP boost.

- Increased odds of damaging units in shorter time frame (up'd acc / lowered reload)

Heavy Weapons Team
- Build cost and time reduced.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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