Votaries Of Lust



This is the Votaries Of Lust badge and banner set for my Seven Deadly Sins Legion badge and banner set. im quite pleased with this one, originally I was a little perplexed as to what to use exactly, many of the suggestions I got where, heh-heh, well im your sure you can guess, but eventually I came up with something that met criteria here on file front. Over all I think this badge and banner set is from "pretty good" to "quite good". The banner and badge is especially clear and very recognizable in game play (even the tiny lip stick mark on the flag on the back of the Aspiring Champion is very easy to spot). Once again open to suggestions, criticisms, and requests.

Fluff: A strange faction of the seven deadly sin legion who are obsessed with winning the affection of the chaos god Slaneesh. They have been accounted sending countless gifts of jewelry, artifacts, captured shipments of food (curiously all of a low nutrition value and high sugar content), and countless living persons into the warp as gifts to the relatively young chaos goddess. Although so far this patron of the Dark Eldar has been unresponsive to this way ward group, there leader the chaos lord Asmodeous The Enamored persist that “She will come around” and puts forth to his some times disheartened troops that “She is just playing hard to get”.



This is the Votaries of Lust badge and banner set
made buy Terra Classica. Looks good on most mid to dark tone chaos space marines (I imagin it might look alright on similarly styled Dark Eldar but i dont know).

To install simply place the Lust Badge into the "Badges" folder located in the program folder in which ever version of dawn of war you are playing (like wise the Banner folder for the Lust Banner).

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