War Skinner!



Adds some skins to the Space Marines. This second issue is in sync with the first, and looks really cool. Great for SM players (:eek: ) and keen skinners. This should work for DC, and in theory DOW and WA.

Huge effort has gone into this, and it comes with a cool magazine-cover screenie wink




Hello all!

Here's the new issue of WarSkinner! Enjoy the skins!

As usual, the color assignments jive with the previous issue.
I'm sorry guys, I'm too tired to list down all the things I did for this issue.
Just check it out and don't forget to comment and rate my work. Thanks!

Primary = Armour
Secondary = Pads
Trim = Shoulder Pad Trim
Weapon = Weapons
Trim2 = Chest Eagle

* Squad markings are permanent white
* Eyes are permanent red

Special thanks to:

	-hangar-8's badges and banners
	-Dawn of war texture tool v131 by IBBoard
	-Skins@Hive world terra
	-Corsix Mod Studio

	* Used Paint Shop Pro 9

Extract to :\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\W40k\Data\art\ebps\Races\space_marines\texture_share
	(I'm not sure about compatibility with DOW and DOW/WA but it should work.)


- Spectre716 ([email protected])

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