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One thing I initially found off-putting about DoW's skirmish mode, was the low squad capacity. Of course, the gameplay style does make up fo...


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One thing I initially found off-putting about DoW's skirmish mode, was the low squad capacity. Of course, the gameplay style does make up for that to a degree, but what can I say? I just like large scale warfare.

This mod goes a certain length towards increasing the scale of the battles, raising squad capacity to 50 and vehicle capacity to 35, and all the limited units have had their capacities slightly boosted too. The gameplay impact of this seemingly small change isn't as insignificant as you'd think. Since both you and your enemies have more firepower to bring to bear, you'll need better use of micromanagement, and having a larger force opens up a larger range of viable attack strategies. Although no doubt rushing and pushing will probably still be the popular ones. Maybe. Rawr. Believe it or not, the AI actually understands the concept of flanking and pincer attacks, so watch your back.

Research costs are also tripled, so you'll need to invest a little more carefully. There are also apparently some other minor changes, but to be honest, there wasn't much different that was noticeable for me. Maybe someone who has actually played the game without modding it to the eyeballs will spot something different.

This was designed as a personal mod, so it's not going to be for everyone, but it's a good mini-mod all the same.

~ Kouen

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Download 'x3_v1.0.zip' (591KB)

X's 3

Mod X3 right so, what i did was mod the game, to the way i find it more fun to play. ok? "So no nagging if ye don't like it"

Squad cap 50 All factions "250 ork cap"
Vehicle cap 35 All factions

All units with a 1 limit cap, has been increased to 3, BUT they use more Squad cap. 
"For example, you can now have 3 Ogryn squad's but they use 5 squad cap EACH instead of 3"
"This does not comply to your Warlord-commander, but you can have 2 secondary commanders"

All other units with a cap has been roughly increased to the double.
"Example, 8 apothecary instead of 4, 5-five priests-psykers-commissars instead of 3"

All researches have been trippled in cost 
""Upgrading" your command centre still costs the same, aswell as Global requisition income, blah"
"Long term play?, careful decision upgrade? anyone?.... ANYONE?!"

All changes i made was not to overpower another faction but to keep it balanced.

I left some minor changes out, since i'm an @ss


"It should replace the already present DXP2 folder and the Data folder inside that, no worries, data folder is already empty if you've got a fresh install of Dark crusade"

"Exammmple, mine is -W:\Games\DawnOfWar 40k Dark Crusade-"

Just Remove all the files you find inside the Data folder, which is Inside the DXP2 folder

Lak35Okla aka BloodWolf
[email protected]       

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