Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Soulstorm

In the endless conflict raging across the galaxy, the weapons of conquest are turned on the Kaurava system. There the Dark Eldar enter the fray. Once part of the Eldar empire, they indulged themselves...

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CornCobMan's Win Conditions CornCobMan 95KB 44
Mariza (4) Swanky 1.5MB 59
Miscellaneous skin fixes CornCobMan 2.34MB 26
SoulStorm Legions gerberman 180.37MB 537
Verdant Valley - 3vs5 redeemed74 8.54MB 250
Angels of Ecstasy Banner and Badge Yanlou 3KB 43
Tau Expansion Mod Stormandreas 22.68MB 737
Orky Olympics tyoungls 2.79MB 318
Verdant Valley redeemed74 4.34MB 887
Assault Battlefield Dark40k 2.82MB 903
Fortress - Multiplayer Coop Assault Dark40k 3.71MB 803
Soulstorm Minor Balance Changes mod CornCobMan 24.41MB 183
Snowy Battlefield scottyz23 380KB 117
8p_Jungle_River Skinnie 477KB 273
Snowy Battlefield scottyz23 379KB 83
Silver and Cold IronWarriorII 803KB 196
Soulstorm Minor Balance Changes mod version 1.1 CornCobMan 24.31MB 144
Soulstorm Minor Balance Changes Mod CornCobMan 24.29MB 67
Last Fortress Chris Beasley 4.23MB 664
Lost Iceland Chris Beasley 781KB 392
Vendetta's Badges & Banners Justicar Vendetta 3.96MB 1308
Return of General Sturnn Zakhai 3.06MB 243
Dead Mans Land Banana_Brothers 276KB 130
Skyray Mod gerberman 52KB 267
Banana Land Banana_Brothers 320KB 178
Tripping the Rift Maxxta 1.71MB 285
Emperor's Pointy Sticks v2 CornCobMan 3.35MB 223
Emperor's Pointy Sticks CornCobMan 836KB 105
Stupid Sizes SS CornCobMan 1.34MB 172
Team Colourable Commissar CornCobMan 652KB 122
Assault Battlefield Dark40k 2.8MB 1572
Apocylipse in the city M1n1Nuke 963KB 578
Orky Olympics tyoungls 2.89MB 558
Dawn Of Skirmish Thudo 891KB 2411
Twin Towers redeemed74 2.88MB 1218
Survival Maps Patch Argonaut 36.93MB 2123
Tavesta Wastelands Swanky 2.94MB 453
Tavesta Wastelands Swanky 2.94MB 452
Survival Mod patch 1.2 Argonaut 72.38MB 1212
Tau fort of Valemos Maxxta 2.44MB 599
Sad Spires (2)(4) Swanky 3.55MB 303
A Few More Heretics Maxxta 171KB 573
Bloody Corner redeemed74 2.54MB 453
Close Quarters usless 104KB 319
A few more heretics Maxxta 150KB 179
Relan City Halloween chris939 1.41MB 500
Soulstorm 1.1 to 1.2 hotfix Relic Entertainment 701KB 13847
Striking Falcons B&B Castellan_Steele 12KB 200
EmperorsHeadHunter 2te Wolfspriester 9KB 162
Raven Guard B&B BeanTheKing 20KB 217