Amazing New DOW2 Stuff

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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He does not lie about the staying in your seat part :P [quote]Title says it all, even more new DOW2 info provided by Q&A and to go with it a stunning new video. Now, although this video doesn't contain any gameplay I have a feeling you'll be quite alright with that once you watch it. Hell, you might have trouble staying in your seat the whole while watching it. Anyway heres a link to the news, http://e3.gamespot.com/story.html?sid=6193763&pid=945727&tag=topslot;title;3&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot. Within you will find a good amount of info and a magnificent new video.[/quote] Looks amazing don't it! ~Gaffer

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