Another Patch Delay...

By Sl4sh 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey guys, Thunder (Relic's Community Manager) has posted a new update regarding Soulstorm patch, which has yet again been delayed due to some critical bugs that have to be ironed out with the installer for the digitally distributed versions (ie. Steam...). Hopefully, it shouldn't take that long. Read on if you want the full details: [quote]We wanted to post another update to keep Soulstorm fans informed of what's going on with the patch that we are working on. Here is the current situation: We are making progress on the outstanding installation issues for the digitally distributed versions of Soulstorm. Currently there are five outstanding versions of the game that we are dealing with. We are hoping to have fixes for these versions of the game implemented by the end of the day today so that we can build a new patch tomorrow. The quality assurance team has verified our bug and balance fixes that are applied to the game itself, so that part of the patch has been finalized. If the outstanding fixes are made today and a patch is built tomorrow, we would still require two to three days for the quality assurance team to test the patch and verify that it’s installing correctly on all versions of the game and there aren't any new bugs. Unfortunately this means that we won’t be ready before the weekend, so the patch will not be released this week. We’d like to thank all of you for your continued patience as we climb these last hurdles to get the patch out. - Thunder[/quote]

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