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Published by sergent_killa 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys, here we have an update from HorusHeretic and the rest of the Armoured Company. It seems they have a lot of info on their latest update of their mod for us. It makes for a good read and the pics are pretty sweet!

(I apologize however, external links have been removed due to Filefront Rules and regulations.)

HorusHeretic Here on the visit once again to show of some more of the new goodies that will be added to the Armoured Company Mod

I present to you The Stormblade, Shadowsword and Stormsword Superheavy Vehicles, And the main Commander unit for the mod. Still WiP.

The Ac mod features the Armoured Company Race with With Several new units including some of the following:

sentinel power lifter sentinels with weapon upgrades chimeras with new weapon upgrades medusa hydra manticore

many leman russ variants such as the: demolisher, vanquisher, exterminator,executioner and more

new super heavies and heavy tanks such as the Malcador, macharius, macharius vanquisher and even a macharius armed with a vulcan mega bolter :D

Stormhammer relic unit, stormsord, stormblade and shadowsword.

also features a unique Doctrine based sub techtree system that insures you can play the race several different ways.

different doctrines allow different vehicles. you may wish to choose an assault doctrine coupled with siege in different tiers. whatever doctrines you choose can drastically change your game plan and how the race plays :D


Killa :cool:

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