Armoured Company Update 13th 09 08

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Published by Sl4sh 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys, horusheretic is here to update us on his Armored Company mod, lets see what he has in store for us:

Texture progress has come far indeed within the last few days. The Macharius has been textured (for the most part), the Sentinel Power Lifter has been textured, and the commander is pretty much finished.

Stormblade texture is in progress too. Just take a look at the screen shots :D

For those who do not know what the Armored Company mod is then I suggest you take a look at forums . Sadly I cant post the links so you'll just have to Google it! [/i]I fixed that link for ya - Sl4sh [i] This mod features new units such as:

Sentinel Power Lifter - builder unit Sentinel with weapon upgrades such as lascannons, flamers and autocannons. Salamander Scout Vehicle New commander unit Chimera with weapon upgrades Armoured Fist Squads and Kasrkin Squads with new weapon upgrades Medusa Griffon Mortar Tank Hydra Manticore New Leman Russ variants such as the Exterminator, Executioner, Annihilator, Vanquisher, Conqueror and Demolisher Updated Baneblade with working autocannon and idle animations Stormblade Shadowsword Stormsword Stormhammer Macharius, Vanquisher and Vulcan mega bolter variants included Malcador Valkyrie and Vulture Flyers with weapon upgrades

The units are split up within a unique multi-tech tree system that allows you to choose different doctrines and styles of play that will allow you to have a different experience each time. :D

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