Tyranid Mod nearing next release

By Zahaqiel 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey guys, just thought you'd like to know that we're still kicking around. We've had a few setbacks (we're currently about a month behind our intended schedule - which I think is actually our best time yet :P) but 0.5 should be releasing in the next few weeks. We would be releasing sooner, but our main coder Croaxleigh has had to suffer through a natural disaster, disconnected power and internet and various other fun times. We're fully expecting him to take on a zombie apocalypse before the release is out. So what's on the list of new stuff? Well obviously the Hive Tyrant. However, with Robskib and Kaveman both busy at university now, we've been short an animator. Rob has promised to animate it, but that won't be in time for 0.5, sorry guys. But the very pretty static model shown below will be in-game. More sounds. We know that's been frustrating players, so we've got Mystecore working on doing up sounds for another six units. New experimental code: The Influence resource is sorta in - we discovered that Faith is hard-coded, so we're using Ork Resource as the basis for it... it's still a work in progress, so it'll probably seem just like another Req or Power resource. Bear with us on that one, we're working on it. The new build system is still in coding, but it's the final major piece of code for 0.5. With the exception of Spore Chimneys and Magma Vents, none of the buildings are going to require a builder unit anymore. You'll be dropping buildings in direct from the hivefleet. So hopefully that gets some of you excited - I know I'm finding it excitingly awesome. So no, we're not dead, we're still working and hopefully we can get 0.5 out as fast as possible.

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