Tyranid Mod Still in Action

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Well for fans of the Nid mod and if you were thinking the mod was gonna stop because of Nid's in DOW2 you'll be happy to know its still going on and there looking for some help to!

Hey guys - since somebody's inevitably gonna ask, I figured I'd give you all a news update.

We'd been pretty certain that Tyranids were gonna be in the initial Dawn of War 2 release for a few months now, so no, it's not going to affect us.

We've recruited new members to help wrap up the coding and FX, although it's still gonna take a bit of time. There's a whole lot of extra coding involved this time around to make everything more interesting; a new resource, no builders, and new play styles. On top of that, we've started up a new balance-testing method so we can see exactly what units are overpowered or underpowered and fix it. You can also expect new models and voices.

So just thought you'd like to know, yes, we're still working on the mod, we are gonna finish it, and it's going to be awesome.


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