Tyranid Mod Team Seeking Animators

By Zahaqiel 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Tyranid Mod team is still suffering from short-staffing it seems. However, instead of a beta-tester shortage like last time, this time they're short on animators. So they need your help. If you've got any animation experience with Dawn of War, and are good with the Object Editor (or better yet, you and a friend tag team, one to animate, one to OE) they could really use your help. Mostly the job would entail going through the animations already in-game to find what still needs doing, which they're aware, kinda sucks. But it also involves completely animating their new Hive Tyrant model (featured below) - which has yet to see the hand of animator. So if you think you'd qualify for the job, and would like to join in the Tyranid Mod fun, please hop on over to [url="http://tyranids.dowfiles.com"]the Tyranid Mod forum[/url] and give them a shout on the General board. They'd be really appreciative.

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