Update: Soulstorm Patch

By Sl4sh 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey guys, Relic's (new?) Community Manager - Thunder - has made a post regarding the Soul Storm patch that we have all been awaiting for months: [quote]On behalf of Relic, I want to extend our apologies to the Dawn of War: Soulstorm community for the first patch to the game being delayed for several months. During the creation of the patch a number of technical issues turned up related to the various digitally distributed versions of the game. We had not anticipated these issues, and are new in dealing with digital distribution, so solving these problems took much longer than we would have liked. In addition, we became aware of a number of new bugs as we worked on developing the patch that made it clear that more than a hotfix for a few key issues was necessary. We then made the decision to further delay the patch to address them. None of this was clearly communicated to the fans of the game. We will attempt to better communicate such delays and decisions in the future. Right now we expect the patch to be released next week. I will be posting the full Soulstorm patch notes this week.[/quote] There you have it, if there are anymore news to report...You'll know where to find it ;)

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