Visions Of Chaos Info And Greater Spawn Preview

By Sl4sh 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hey guys, Warmaster HorusHeretic is here once again on the prowl to annihilate the minds of mortals by showing of another unit. The greater Spawn of chaos is undivideds greater daemon. each god has its own greater daemon summonable from one of its dedicated followers. there are 7 different relic super units in all including chao landraider, with weapon upgrades, traitor baneblade Lord Of Change, Geat Unclean One, Keeper of Secrets, bloodthirster and of course the Greater Spawn. New AI will allow a variety of tactics such as fighting against traitor guard, fighting against a cult faction, like khorne fighting daemon armies and even renegade space marines. I really hope this mod comes out nicely, and all these screenshots make the mod look very promising!

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