Visions Of Chaos Lord Of Change Preview and Updates

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Published by Sl4sh 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


HorusHertic here on the hunt once again to bring the worshipers of chaos a might gift of sights that shall please the dark gods themselves!

The first sight to behold is the Lord of Change, Greater Daemon Tzeentch.

The next vision you shall receive is the new terminator models im working on. will include several randomized weapons and plenty of upgrades to make the SM traitors Cry in Fear.

Next up is an Updated Chaos Dreadnought, which like most other units can recieve upgrades and also change its look to represent the god you have chosen.

A new Daemon unit, the chaos fury. such are the raptors of the warp and the numerous amount of them, they are available to all the marks chaos and serve as a rapid striking unit.

In other news:

HorusHertic is looking for talented Animators and Texturers to finish of some of the new units i have created. Textures must be able to do relic or better texture quality. there is plenty of models tobe worked on so if you feel up to a new project then apply here:

Some evidence of your skills will be needed before approval. its a decent chance to be able to receive the latest updates and current build of the mod.

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