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Published by Sl4sh 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys,

HorusHeretic has a new project called "Visions of Chaos", it is aimed to bring new units for Chaos! Stuff is looking good as far as I can tell, but then again, anything from this modder is good. :)

For more info, keep reading!

HorusHeretic here once again to show you the latest project in the works.

i present to you the Visions Of Chaos mod for the dedicted Chaos worshippers out there.

The mod will bring new units such as: traitor guard, traitor HWTs and traitor baneblade daemnonic units such as bloodletters, screamers, flamers, daemonettes, furies, fleshhounds, juggernaughts, plague bearers and nurglings up to 7 total different relic units (5 greater deamons, 1 traitor and one chaos marine relic unit) cult marines such as rubric, noise, and plague marines several new researches and wargears for your army. chaos dreadnoughts with weapon upgrades, and wargear to represent the god you have dedicated yourself too chaos sonic predator (blastmaster and sonic balster weaponry, dedicated to slaanesh

a chaos lord with several new daemon weapon upgrades, completely randomised armour and weapons which change to reflect the gods you have worshipped.

several improvements to exiting units such as new animations for obliterators and raptors, re-added weaponry such as missile launchers and flamers for chaos marines.

a new resource called favour introduced in which you can use your cultists to worship or scarifice your traitors to gain favour in turn allowing you to buy new wargear and summon daemons :D

for more active updates and such visit these places:

For a ton of pictures featuring a lt of the new units look here:

Enjoy the Eye candy :D

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