Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm
Badges and Banners

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
SpaceWolf Company Leif Sternwolf Wolfspriester 12KB 166
Confessor's Badge/Banner Pack Confessor 553KB 1,384
[TM] badge and banners Maxxta 15KB 549
Shark badge and banner pack Mowen4567 5KB 384
chaos devil worshiper badge and banner pack Mowen4567 16KB 514
CID's badges and banners 1 CID_vader 1.03MB 1,443
Lords of Decay Banner and Badge Yanlou 42KB 372
Apostles of Minthras banner and badge set Yanlou 24KB 425
The Purged banner and badge set Yanlou 15KB 231
Brotherhood of Darkness banner and badge set Yanlou 22KB 374
Flawless Host banner and badge set Yanlou 26KB 247
Hakanor Reaver Yanlou 776B 231
Oracles of Change Yanlou 13KB 162
The Reborn banner and badge Yanlou 33KB 282
Skull Takers banner and badge Yanlou 29KB 300
Pre Heresy 8TH Company World Eaters Yanlou 21KB 287
Steel Brethren banner and badge Yanlou 8KB 323
Legion of Pestilence banner and badge Yanlou 13KB 274
Tribal Badges RazorWolves 10KB 189
Dragon Warriors banner and badge Yanlou 20KB 392
Legend of Zelda Badges and Banners v.2 Jazzeh 168KB 263
Legend of Zelda Badges and Banners Jazzeh 34KB 214
SpaceWolf Company Gunnar Rotmond Wolfspriester 8KB 191
SpaceWolf Company Ragnar Schwarzmähne Wolfspriester 16KB 180
Skulls_of_Khorne Yanlou 13KB 177
Sacrificials badge and banner Maxxta 31KB 137
Madanam's B&B madanam 17KB 68
Madanam's New B&B madanam 706KB 120
caihammers skulltakers version caihammer 125KB 147
Raven Guard B&B BeanTheKing 20KB 218
EmperorsHeadHunter 2te Wolfspriester 9KB 163
Striking Falcons B&B Castellan_Steele 12KB 203
Emperor's Pointy Sticks CornCobMan 836KB 112
Emperor's Pointy Sticks v2 CornCobMan 3.35MB 228
Vendetta's Badges & Banners Justicar Vendetta 3.96MB 1,318
Angels of Ecstasy Banner and Badge Yanlou 3KB 44
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