Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Skyray Mod gerberman 52KB 278
Sisters ExpansionVM neomarz1 1.69MB 1,311
Auto Abilitys for SoulStorm jonnylove 7KB 973
Wargear Mod Your-wife-my-kids 205KB 5,973
Soulstorm RPG mod 0.92 BETA leeho730 1023KB 1,984
Soulstorm Tactics 0.93 BETA leeho730 1023KB 1,594
Imperial Stargates Mini campaign Maxxta 373KB 1,719
Necron tunnels mod 1.0 Maxxta 43KB 291
Soulstorm Tactics 0.94 BETA leeho730 1022KB 1,374
autoexec Tolga Ozdil 473KB 696
Vehicle-Only mod 1.0 Chaoslordx13 702KB 166
No Fog CornCobMan 2KB 397
CornCobMan's StupidSizes CornCobMan 692KB 197
IGC - Ingame Gamespeed Controller Script Sniper86 596KB 794
Vehicles Only Mod 1.1 Chaoslordx13 6.92MB 477
Necron tunnels mod 2.0 Maxxta 3.51MB 1,165
IMP modd Maxxta 385KB 1,280
Fuggles Win Conditions Mod fuggles 17KB 380
EL Furreto's SS Shadow Mod EL Furreto 4.63MB 1,931
Chaos Buildings 1.1 Sgt_Rotten 843KB 218
Chaos Buildings 1.0 Sgt_Rotten 2.47MB 276
Chaos Buildings 1.1 Sgt_Rotten 843KB 125
Chaos Buildings Death Guard Sgt_Rotten 20.25MB 1,082
Chaos Buildings Alpha Legion Sgt_Rotten 11.08MB 819
Chaos Buildings World Eaters Sgt_Rotten 13.94MB 968
Chaos Buildings Iron Warriors Sgt_Rotten 17.16MB 890
Chaos Buildings Emperor's Children Sgt_Rotten 17.21MB 945
Rotten's Gain Some Room Mod Sgt_Rotten 61KB 157
Random Mission Objectives in the SS campaign fuggles 15.99MB 503
Chaos Buildings the 5 Chapters Up dated Sgt_Rotten 2.23MB 809
Add on Chaos Buildings DG Sgt_Rotten 153KB 402
Chaos Buildings Patches 1.3 Sgt_Rotten 10.05MB 1,865
Fuggles Win Conditions & SS Random Objectives fuggles 16.09MB 275
Heretic Guard Mod Maxxta 42KB 912
Space Marine Tactical Weapons Lolly_man 1.02MB 1,458
Unit Cap To 30 Lolly_man 4.24MB 631
Necron Vizier mod Maxxta 533KB 781
Unit_cap_to_30_v0.2 Lolly_man 1.99MB 722
Chaos Tactical Weapons Lolly_man 735KB 1,056
Barracuda Ion Cannon effect mod for Soulstorm CornCobMan 10KB 223
IG orange Lasgun FX for Soulstorm CornCobMan 26KB 207
Barracuda Red Ion Cannon effects CornCobMan 9KB 170
Fuggles Soulstorm Campaign Random Objective and Win Conditions Mod fuggles 19.01MB 680
A few more heretics 1.0 Maxxta 150KB 186
A Few More Heretics 2.0 Maxxta 171KB 574
Dawn Of Skirmish Thudo 891KB 2,415
Stupid Sizes SS 1.5 CornCobMan 1.34MB 172